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Music, Theatre, and Dance Department (MTAD)

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Name Title Email Phone
David M Scholz Chair 530-898-5572
Jeff Birkholz Piano Technician 530-898-3036
Manuel M Costa Lecturer 530-898-3036
John Crosthwaite Lecturer 530-898-3036
Barbara D'Augelli Lecturer 530-898-3036
David Dvorin Lecturer 530-898-3036
Caroline Fairchild Lecturer 530-898-3036
Matthew A. Fidler Lecturer mafidler@csuchico.edi 530-898-3036
Cristiana R Franzetti Lecturer 530-898-3036
Olivia Marie Gomez Accompanist 530-898-3036
Warren S. Haskell Lecturer 530-898-3036
Ryan Heimlich Lecturer 530-898-3036
Sheree D. Henning Lecturer 530-898-3036
Bill J Hepworth Lecturer 530-898-3036
Erin K Horst Lecturer 530-898-3036
Nora Thomas Hunter Lecturer 530-898-3036
Bill J. Johnson Professor 530-898-3036
Bradley E Martin Professor 530-898-3036
Michelle McConkey Associate Professor 530-898-3036
Jeannette Methvin-Terry Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4272
Jami D Miller Lecturer 530-898-3036
Julie A Miller Lecturer 530-898-3036
Matthew T Miller Associate Chair 530-898-3036
Clark A Minor Accompanist 530-898-3036
Christopher Mueller Lecturer 530-898-3036
Hope Munro Associate Professor 530-898-3036
Ayako Nakamura Lecturer 530-898-3036
Christopher J Navarrete Lecturer 530-898-3036
Luke T Nicolay Accompanist 530-898-3036
Elizabeth G Quivey Librarian 530-898-6155
Erika D Ray Accompanist 530-898-3036
Mason Razavi Lecturer 530-898-3036
Erin Reynolds Lecturer 530-898-3036
Daniel Sargent Assistant Professor 530-898-3036
Dara L. Scholz Lecturer 530-898-3036
Natalya Shkoda Professor 530-898-4043
Rocky Winslow Professor 530-898-3036
Andrew L Zollinger Lecturer 530-898-3036
Megan G Zollinger Associate Professor 530-898-3036
Paul de Silva Lecturer 530-898-3036
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