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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'L'

Name Email Phone Department
LaBriere, Sadie J 530-898-6345 Counseling and Wellness Center
Ladine, Natalie M 530-898-5241 Student Health Center
Lafaurie, Kathleen 530-898-6508 College of Communication and Education
Laffins, R. Brad 530-898-5316 Creative Media and Technology
Lalaguna, Trevor 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Lamarine, Roland 530-898-6265 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Landers, Beverly 530-898-6421 School of Education
Landini, Carmen R 530-898-5914 Office of Admissions
Langston, Marc 530-898-4587 Library Research, Instruction, and Outreach
Langwell, Larry A 530-898-5911 Veterans Affairs
Lapolli, Cecilia D 530-898-5415 International Education and Global Engagement
Larocco, Kathy 530-898-3804 Center for Economic Development
Larsen, Carrie L 530-898-5241 Student Health Center
Larsen, Randy R. 530-898-5111 Philosophy Department
Larson, Debra S 530-898-6101 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
LaRue, Barb 530-898-5332 University Public Engagement
Lau, Terence J 530-898-6272 College of Business
Lau, Walter 530-898-4357 Information Technology Support Services
Lauck, Marsha L 530-898-6416 Accounting Department
Lawler, Travis 530-898-5555 University Police
Lawrence, Jessika 530-898-4286 Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Layne, Jeffrey 530-898-5703 Regional and Continuing Education
Layne, Martha 530-898-5346 Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing Department
Layne, Scott A 530-898-4039 University Housing
Lazarus, Naomi 530-898-6871 Geography and Planning Department
Leal, Rocio 530-898-3409 Student Life and Leadership
Leathers, Justin 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Lechner, Gary A. 530-898-5846 Biological Sciences Department
Lee, Chang Y. 530-898-3286 Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management Department
Lee, Darnell 530-898-5531 Chico Student Success Center
Lee, Ghang-Ho 530-898-4958 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Lee, Jaydie 530-898-6239 College of Natural Sciences
Lee, Larly 530-898-3631 Educational Talent Search
Lee, Michael 530-898-5710 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Lee, Sae-Mi 530-898-4773 Kinesiology Department
Lee, Sinwoo 530-898-6664 History Department
Lee, Youngsu 530-898-5327 Finance and Marketing Department
Lees, Emily T 530-898-5761 University Housing
Leese, Wallace R. 530-898-5314 Accounting Department
Lehner, Micah 530-898-5416 Graduate Studies
Lehner, Sarah 530-898-5409 Graduate Studies
Lehr, James 530-898-5799 AS Dining Services
Leigh, Mark A. 530-898-5121 Biological Sciences Department
Leistner, Christine 530-898-4068 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Leitner, Michael J. 530-898-6408 Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management Department
Lemire, Kristen 530-898-4001 IRES Admin Service Center
Lemmi, Catherine A 530-898-6029 School of Education
Lengerich, Julie 530-898-5356 Biological Sciences Department
Lennon, Micki M. 530-898-5263 Comparative Religion and Humanities Department
Leon, Kendall 530-898-3556 English Department
Leonard, Cindy A 530-898-6335 Agricultural Teaching and Research Center/University Farm
Levine, Susan M 530-898-6679 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Levy, David 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Lewis, Jodee C 530-898-5555 University Police
Lewis, John 530-898-4458 Telecommunications Services
Lewis, Linda S 530-898-6863 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Lewis, Scott C. 530-898-6262 Psychology Department
Lewis, Stephen E. 530-898-6244 History Department
Li, Frank 530-898-4418 International Education and Global Engagement
Li, Nan 530-898-3051 Communication Studies Program
Liebenberg, Ibe J 530-898-6097 English Department
Lightfoot, Karin 530-898-5891 School of Nursing
Liles, Garrett C 530-898-4642 College of Agriculture
Lin, Yuhfen 530-898-6574 Physics Department
Lind, John 530-898-5271 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Lindaman, Brian 530-898-4107 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Lindner, Kelly 530-898-5864 Art and Art History Department
Lindsey, Tonya 530-898-6384 Sociology Department
Lingsch, Stephanie 530-898-3889 Facilities Management and Services
Linn-Galan, Joseph M 530-898-5828 Information Security Office
Linton, Christina 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Linzy, Ron 530-898-4393 Creative Media and Technology
Liotta, Brent 530-898-3255 Creative Media and Technology
Lippmann, Marie 530-898-5281 Psychology Department
Little, David J 530-898-4782 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Livingston, Jeffery C. 530-898-6251 History Department
Llamas, Karel D 530-898-5957 Office of the Registrar
Llamas, Roberto 530-898-5710 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Llorente, Jacob A 530-898-6080 Applications and Data Services
Lo, MaiHoua M. 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Lo, Xia Billy 530-898-6831 Educational Opportunity Program
Lockwood, Randy G 530-898-5335 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Loe, Dilia 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Lofink, Gabrielle L 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Logsdon, Jeff 530-898-3713 Office of Admissions
Logsdon, Kiley L 530-898-5957 Graduation Advising
Loker, William M. 530-898-3137 Anthropology Department
Long, Heather C 530-898-6152 Bus Reservations
Long, Jacob D 530-898-6836 Office of Admissions
Looper, Matthew 530-898-5117 Art and Art History Department
Lopez, Alexis R 530-898-5262 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Lopez, Manny 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Lopez, Patricia Christina 530-898-5197 Child Development Laboratory
Lopez, Paul 530-898-4375 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Lopez, Peter A. 530-898-5292 Psychology Department
Lor, Kevin 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Lor, Tang 530-898-4159 Academic Publications & Scheduling Services
Lorentzen, James 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Loriano, Laura 530-898-6854 School of Education
Lowe, Deanna 530-898-6120 Kinesiology Department
Lowe, James E 530-898-4454 Facilities Management and Services
Lower, Kristin J B 530-898-6421 School of Education
Lowrie, Julie A 530-898-6064 Student Health Center
Loya, Steven R 530-898-5194 Chico State Calling Center
Lucas, Shawna M 530-898-4547 College of Communication and Education
Lucero, Daniel Matthew 530-898-3212 Geographical Information Center
Luiz, Lola A 530-898-4909 Chico State Enterprises
Lulic, Miroslav 530-898-6460 Distributed Learning Technologies
Lund, Kenneth J 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Lunde, Allen K 530-898-4412 Chico State Calling Center
Lydon, Yvonne E. 530-898-5979 Civil Engineering Department
Lynch, Nick 530-898-6963 Accounting Department
Lyon, Monica C 530-898-3412 Student Financial Services
Lytle, Rebecca 530-898-4298 Kinesiology Department
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