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School of Education (EDUC)

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Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Justeson Director 530-898-6421
Jennifer Oloff-Lewis Assistant Director 530-898-5184
Annie Adamian Faculty 530-898-4154
Nora Aguilar-McKay Faculty 530-898-6402
Jana Ahearn-McQueen Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-6485
Galen Anderson Faculty 530-898-6421
Kathi Balasek Faculty 530-898-6421
Haley N Barnhart Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-6455
Natalie Elizabeth Behr Supervisor 530-898-6421
Victoria L. Bernhardt Educ for the Future Exec Dir 530-898-4482
Claudia M Bertolone-Smith Assistant Professor 530-898-6157
Amy Besnard Faculty 530-898-6421
Pedro Caldera Supervisor 530-898-6421
Meghan L Callahan Supervisor 530-898-6421
Jacqueline Campos Faculty 530-898-6421
Daniel A Cariss Faculty 530-898-6421
Theresa Carrio Faculty 530-898-6421
Jamie Cinquini Faculty 530-898-6136
Diane Clark Supervisor 530-898-6421
Jamie L Combs Supervisor 530-898-6421
Joseph V Comiskey Supervisor 530-898-6421
Marysol De La Torre-Escobedo Faculty 530-898-6421
Linda Dias Mobilio Faculty 530-898-5775
Bradley Dodson Faculty 530-898-6421
Stacy Doughman Faculty 530-898-6421
Pamela M Dunlap Assessment Analyst 530-898-4472
Michelle Farrer Supervisor 530-898-6421
Kathleen Gabriel Professor Emeritus 530-898-5854
Morton Geivett Supervisor 530-898-6421
Michael A Gulbransen Faculty 530-898-6421
Jamie L Gunderson Faculty 530-898-5167
Jane E Hagin Supervisor 530-898-6421
Marian Rose Hall Supervisor 530-898-6421
Charlotte Harkness Supervisor 530-898-6421
Laura J Holman Faculty 530-898-6421
Kandis Horton Faculty 530-898-6421
Staci Kaelin Supervisor 530-898-6421
Jessica Kamph Supervisor 530-898-6421
Sharon A. Kennedy Supervisor 530-898-6421
Zack Kincheloe Supervisor 530-898-6421
Blake R Kitchen Supervisor 530-898-6421
Lisa Kitchen Supervisor 530-898-6421
Aaron P Koch Faculty 530-898-6610
Marjorie Kucich Faculty 530-898-6421
Daniel R La Bar Supervisor 530-898-6421
Catherine A Lemmi Assistant Professor 530-898-6029
Laura Loriano Field Coordinator 530-898-4582
Vicki Lourenco Supervisor 530-898-6421
Kristin J B Lower Faculty 530-898-6421
Megan L Mann Field Placement Coordinator 530-898-6293
David McKay Faculty 530-898-6421
Melissa Miller Faculty 530-898-5278
Char A Moffit Faculty 530-898-4850
JoAnna Murrietta-Harold Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6471
Browning M Neddeau Assistant Professor 530-898-4227
Conner O'Kelley Faculty 530-898-6421
Conner O'Kelley Faculty 530-898-6421
Conner O'Kelley Faculty 530-898-6421
Debbi D Parcell Faculty 530-898-6421
Morgan J Pelham Advisor 530-898-6455
Marci Pope Supervisor 530-898-6421
Michelle Rabo Supervisor 530-898-6421
Aurora Ramirez Meza Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6421
Rosa M Rivera Advisor 530-898-6455
Lawrence F Robins Supervisor 530-898-6421
Norma L. Rueda Faculty 530-898-6828
Al Schademan Faculty 530-898-4534
Linda M Scherba Supervisor 530-898-6421
Karen A Schreder Faculty 530-898-6421
Ann Schulte Faculty 530-898-5248
Ben Seipel Faculty 530-898-5719
Paula Selvester Faculty 530-898-4768
Lindsey C Serrao Faculty 530-898-6421
Vicki M. Shadd Faculty 530-898-4227
Stacie Shatkin Supervisor 530-898-6421
John Shepherd Faculty 530-898-6421
Amy Electra Shockley Supervisor 530-898-6421
Tal Slemrod Faculty 530-898-4849
Rachelle Sousa Credential Analyst 530-898-4441
Elizabeth Stevens Faculty 530-898-4026
Margaret Tebo Supervisor 530-898-6421
David Teja Faculty 530-898-6421
Maris Thompson Faculty 530-898-4196
Kari Tyler Faculty 530-898-6421
Kimberly J Tyler Supervisor 530-898-6421
Bretton Varga Faculty 530-898-6518
Allison Ward Faculty 530-898-6421
Erin H Whitney Faculty 530-898-6129
Genavra Williamson Supervisor 530-898-6421
Charles Zartman Faculty 530-898-4069
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