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Art and Art History Department (ARTS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Asa S. Mittman Chair 530-898-6885
Summer S. Armstrong Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4843
John Baca Lecturer 530-898-5331
David Barta Instructional Support Technician 530-898-4085
Teresa L Cotner Faculty 530-898-4155
Cameron G. Crawford Faculty 530-898-4750
Adria N Davis Lecturer 530-898-3697
Rebecca M Feldstein Staff 530-898-6878
Joshua M Funk Lecturer 530-898-3730
Robert Herhusky Faculty 530-898-4560
Taylor S Hinchcliff Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5218
Kijeong Jeon Faculty 530-898-5491
Cameron P Kelly Lecturer 530-898-5331
Trevor Lalaguna Lecturer 530-898-5331
Kelly Lindner Art Curator 530-898-5864
Matthew Looper Faculty 530-898-5117
Eileen Macdonald Faculty 530-898-6875
Nancy J. Meyer Lecturer 530-898-5331
Rachel Middleman Faculty 530-898-5850
Rouben Mohiuddin Faculty 530-898-5157
Michael Murphy Instructional Support Technician 530-898-6860
Joshua J. Olivera Lecturer 530-898-5331
Michelle L Ott Lecturer 530-898-5331
Tom Patton Faculty 530-898-5185
Jerome Pouwels Faculty 530-898-6971
Lauren C Ruth Faculty 530-898-3140
Rebecca L Shelly Lecturer 530-898-5331
Rebecca L Shelly Lecturer 530-898-5331
Sheri D. Simons Faculty 530-898-4996
Jennifer Spangler Staff 530-898-6027
Catherine J. Sullivan Art Curator 530-898-4476
Masami Toku Faculty 530-898-6866
Michael D Warenycia Lecturer 530-898-5331
Susan Whitmore Faculty 530-898-5954
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