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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'T'

Name Email Phone Department
Tacla, Devin 530-898-5873 Kinesiology Department
Tafalla, Kathy 530-898-4134 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tafalla, Richard J 530-898-3865 Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Taleb, Fatima Zahra 530-898-4165 International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department
Talerico, Jeff 530-898-4559 Facilities Management and Services
Talley, Robert C 530-898-4884 University Development
Tamietti, Betsey M. 530-898-6917 Biological Sciences Department
Tamietti, Paul 530-898-3910 Facilities Management and Services
Tarabini, Erin A 530-898-5195 Student Judicial Affairs
Taylor, Amanda M 530-898-4520 School of Education
Taylor, Dave M. 530-898-4374 Intercollegiate Athletics
Taylor, Lynn 530-898-5436 Benefits
Taylor, Melissa 530-898-5851 Accounts Payable
Taylor, Nancy 530-898-5020 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Taylor, Robin L 530-898-5855 Social Science Program
Taylor, Scott 530-898-3878 Facilities Management and Services
Taylor, Stephen Kile 530-898-6421 School of Education
Taysom, Russell D 530-898-3939 North State Public Radio
Teasdale, Eddy 530-898-5262 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Teasdale, Rachel 530-898-5547 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Teegarden, Paul 530-898-5080 Enterprise Systems
Teeter, David L 530-898-6811 Research Foundation
Teeter, Mikayla 530-898-6720 Research Foundation
Teja, David 530-898-6421 School of Education
Tellechea, Cristina I 530-898-6421 School of Education
Teves, Nani Bay 530-898-3645 AS Sustainability
Tevis, Marcie 530-898-4295 Creative Media and Technology
Tevis, Royce 530-898-5582 Music and Theatre Department
Thamarapani, Dhanushka 530-898-6575 Economics Department
Thao, Kerry 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Thao, Yer 530-898-6839 Student Learning Center
Thapa, Mahendra B 530-898-3211 Physics Department
Thayer, Jennifer 530-898-6516 Procurement and Contract Services
Thing, James 530-898-6661 Health and Community Services Department
Thomas, Mandy 530-898-5216 Construction Management Department
Thomas, Matthew 530-898-5738 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Thompson, Brian 530-898-6418 AS Dining Services
Thompson, George 530-898-6603 Library Special Collections
Thompson, Maris 530-898-4196 School of Education
Thomson, Laura 530-898-5303 IRES Admin Service Center
Thomson Jr, Rodney L 530-898-5366 History Department
Thon, Akon 530-898-5555 University Police
Thornton, Lexi 530-898-5262 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Thorpe, Mike 530-898-6588 Risk Management
Thurgood, Elzbieta 530-898-5451 English Department
Tice, Rhiannon M 530-898-3596 Associated Students Human Resources
Tighe, Burjessa E 530-898-6863 Health and Community Services Department
Tigri, Gina 530-898-3705 First Year Experience Program
Tillett, Kaitlin 530-898-4184 Alumni and Parent Engagement
Tilman, Kathrine 530-898-5927 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Timmons, Nan 530-898-3382 Associated Students Government
Tinkler, Robert S. 530-898-6054 History Department
Tirado, Patricia M 530-898-4774 Multicultural and Gender Studies Department
Toku, Masami 530-898-6866 Art and Art History Department
Tokuda, Keiko 530-898-3837 International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department
Tonga, Krystle 530-898-4101 Cross Cultural Leadership Center
Toon, Hal 530-898-4814 Planning, Design & Construction
Toon, Tami 530-898-5602 Faculty Affairs
Torres, Jesus 530-898-4676 Wildcat Recreation Center,
Torres, Sandra J 530-898-4461 Educational Talent Search
Torst, Matthew R 530-898-4499 Creative Media and Technology
Tousey, Gretchen 530-898-6436 Human Resources Information Systems
Towne, Gary W. 530-898-4955 Intercollegiate Athletics
Townzen, Lisa 530-898-4583 College of Business
Trailer, Jeff W. 530-898-4302 Management Department
Tran, Cawa 530-898-3242 Biological Sciences Department
Transchel, Kate 530-898-6417 History Department
Traulsen, Andrew 530-898-4788 California Faculty Association
Traver, John C 530-898-3123 English Department
Traver, Teresa L 530-898-5240 English Department
Treanor, Stephen 530-898-6403 Finance and Marketing Department
Trechter, Sara A. 530-898-4418 English Department
Trento, Jason L. 530-898-5300 Physics Department
Trethewey, Angela 530-898-4015 College of Communication and Education
Trivedi, Carol L 530-898-3284 Management Department
Trivedi, Priya 530-898-5678 Center for Healthy Communities
Trnka, Kelli 530-898-4357 Information Technology Support Services
Trombley, Jeanette 530-898-5071 Graduate Studies
Trout, Joshua 530-898-3094 Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Trowbridge, Christopher 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Trujillo, Michael 530-898-4629 Communication Studies Program
Trujillo, Victor P 530-898-4613 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Tsournos, Peter 530-898-6141 Economics Department
Tudesko, Monica C 530-898-3412 Student Financial Services
Turner, Charles C. 530-898-6489 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Turri, David 530-898-4559 Facilities Management and Services
Twede, Judy P 530-898-6421 School of Education
Tyler, James 530-898-6779 Library Research, Instruction, and Outreach
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