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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'R'

Name Email Phone Department
Rabo, Jene M. 530-898-4261 School of Social Work
Rabo, Michelle 530-898-6421 School of Education
Raeder, Jessie 530-898-5905 Staff Council
Raether, Constantin A 530-898-6848 Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems
Ragan, Pamela K 530-898-4997 Chico State Enterprises
Ragsdale, Casi 530-898-5817 Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Rahn, David R. 530-898-4832 Management Department
Raigoza, Jaime 530-898-5998 Computer Science Department
Ramalia, Diane 530-898-3621 Undergraduate Education
Ramirez, Aralia O 530-898-4774 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Ramirez, Cheryl Marie 530-898-5947 AS Dining Services
Ramirez, He-Lo 530-898-5010 Butte Creek Ecological Preserve
Ramirez, Jesus F 530-898-6345 WellCat Counseling Center
Ramirez, Joel 530-898-6831 Student Support Services Program
Ramirez Meza, Aurora 530-898-6421 School of Education
Ramos, Nicolas 530-898-6167 Technology and Learning Program
Rapp, Dillon V 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Rashkov, Ross 530-898-5273 Enterprise Applications
Rashoo, Valantina Y 530-898-6265 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Rathnayake, Thilini 530-898-3094 Faculty Development
Ray, Richard 530-898-4823 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Raymond, Jubal A 530-898-5216 Construction Management Department
Raymond, Katie 530-898-4904 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Read, Rebecca J 530-898-6344 WellCat Counseling Center
Reeves, Marcy D. 530-898-6955 College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Refnes, Holly M 530-898-5925 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Reguera, Andrew M 530-898-5555 University Police
Rehg, Michael 530-898-6395 Management Department
Reid, Luke A. 530-898-4593 University Communications
Reiswig, Cindy 530-898-5137 Procurement and Distribution Services
Reizgeviciute, Agne 530-898-5206 Economics Department
Remley, Pamela J 530-898-4742 School of Nursing
Rendon, Leon M 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Renker, Kevin 530-898-6343 University Farm
Renner, Renee 530-898-5419 Computer Science Department
Renteria, Abraham 530-898-5724 Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition
Repanich, Nick 530-520-2548 Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Department
Restrepo, Felipe 530-898-6810 Intercollegiate Athletics
Revolinsky, Jonathan A 530-898-5098 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Rewolinski, Dawn N 530-898-3438 Tribal Relations
Reynaga, Heidi 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Rhine, Amanda 530-898-5259 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Rhyne, Kerri L 530-898-5920 Communication Arts and Sciences Department
Riccomini, Steve 530-898-4784 Recreational Sports
Rice, Bow 530-898-4774 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Rice, Cody K 530-898-3242 Biological Sciences Department
Rice, Jill R. 530-898-4480 Business Student Advising & Services
Rice, Lori M. 530-898-5629 Procurement and Distribution Services
Ricetti, Brandon J 530-898-4920 Kinesiology Department
Richards, Brady 530-898-4792 Center for Water and Environment
Richardson, Jeremiah 530-898-5827 University Housing
Richardson, Sarah L. 530-898-6652 Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management Department
Richter, Bernard R 530-898-4779 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Richter, Courtney E 530-898-4828 Marketing Department
Richter, Gwin 530-520-0759 School of Nursing
Richter, Ryan C 530-898-3542 Information Security
Ricordeau, Gwen M 530-898-4935 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Rider, Thomas Lindsley 530-898-3630 AS Dining Services
Riesen, Amie 530-898-3571 Center for Healthy Communities
Riggins, Susan 530-898-3461 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Riggs, Carly 530-898-5671 Professional & Continuing Education
Riggs, Krysi 530-898-4150 University Advancement Services
Ringel, Steve 530-898-5355 Civil Engineering Department
Rioux, Andrea 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Rivera, Bryant 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Rivera, Rosa M 530-898-6455 School of Education
Rives, Jodi 530-898-4949 Equal Opportunity & Dispute Resolution
Rix, Erica 530-898-5218 Art and Art History Department
Robertson, Katrina 530-898-4731 Associated Students Financial Services
Robicheau, Monya A 530-898-3416 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Robins, Lawrence F 530-898-6421 School of Education
Robinson, Daniel 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Robinson, Miranda L 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Robinson, Tray 530-898-4764 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Rodriguez, Amber R 530-898-4517 Communication Arts and Sciences Department
Rodriguez, Darian M 530-898-6660 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Rodriguez, David 530-898-3184 Facilities Management and Services
Rodriguez, Luis A 530-898-6972 University Public Engagement
Rodriguez de Lara, Alma R 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Rodriguez Diaz, Andrea 530-898-4549 Child Development Laboratory
Rodriguez Ortiz, Heather 530-898-6716 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Roebuck, Roberta 530-898-4048 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Roeder, Mim. L 530-898-4621 Social Science Program
Rogers, Delayna 530-898-5962 AS Dining Services
Rogers, Linda 530-898-5124 English Department
Rojas, Yuki 530-898-3650 International Education and Global Engagement
Rojas Rivas, J. Jesus 530-898-3962 Student Life and Leadership
Rolfe, Kim 530-898-5009 Business Student Advising & Services
Roll, Janelle N 530-898-4452 Professional & Continuing Education
Roll, Mary 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Roll, Susan 530-898-5392 Graduate Studies
Rollo, Katy 530-898-5003 Financial Accounting and Reporting
Rolon, Daisy Marlin 530-898-4408 Associated Students Operational Programming Services
Romain, Nicole VR 530-898-4986 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Roman, Eri 530-898-6056 WellCat Health Center
Romero, Jorge Octavio 530-898-4891 Computer Animation and Game Development Program
Romo, Crisstina 530-898-3409 Student Life and Leadership
Ronan, Kathryn A 530-898-6217 Biological Sciences Department
Root, Brandon 530-898-4783 Library Building Management and Student Personnel
Rosales, Alexa N 530-898-5010 Butte Creek Ecological Preserve
Rosales, Andrea C 530-898-4291 Center for Healthy Communities
Rose, Joann 530-898-3307 College of Communication and Education
Rose, Michelle 530-898-5335 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Rose, Stephanie 530-898-6171 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Rose, Valerie C 530-898-5959 Accessibility Resource Center
Rosecrance, Rich C. 530-898-5699 College of Agriculture
Rosemann, Charlena 530-898-6921 Chico State Enterprises
Rosenhaus, Vladimir 530-898-4108 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Ross, Carli 530-898-4773 Kinesiology Department
Ross, Jen M. 530-898-6839 Student Learning Center
Ross, Jerry P 530-898-4113 Enrollment Management
Ross, Kendall 530-898-4727 Recreational Sports
Ross, Matthew C 530-332-5091 School of Nursing
Roth, Karrie A 530-898-5717 School of Nursing
Rothschild-Bodnar, Nyle A 530-898-6373 Kinesiology Department
Rotnem, Jennifer B. 530-898-5205 Center for Water and Environment
Roualdes, Edward A 530-898-5807 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Roussell, John 530-898-6892 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Rowe, David 530-898-4830 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Rowell, Ileana 530-898-6160 Professional & Continuing Education
Ruble, Aldine M 530-898-5948 Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics
Rueda, Norma L. 530-898-6828 School of Education
Ruggirello, Sharon 530-898-3145 Chico State Enterprises
Ruiz, Ruben Rogelio 530-898-4017 Chico STEM Connections Collaborative
Rumiano, Sara 530-898-5270 Procurement and Distribution Services
Runyan, Kathryn krunyan@csuchico.edo 530-898-5197 Child Development Laboratory
Rupert, Lisa E 530-898-5838 University Housing
Ruth, Lauren C 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Ryan, Shawn 530-898-6331 Orientation & New Student Programs
Ryion, Noelle 530-898-4255 College of Business
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