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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'H'

Name Email Phone Department
Haasl, David 530-898-5262 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Hacking, Heather K 530-898-6049 International Education and Global Engagement
Haerle, Darin 530-898-6154 Social Science Program
Haggerty, Angela 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Hagin, Jane E 530-898-6421 School of Education
Hahn, Olsa 530-898-3484 School of Nursing
Hailu, Seghen 530-898-4118 Wildcat Recreation Center
Hajimorad, Meghdad 530-898-6422 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Halderman, Chance 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Halderman, Elizabeth 530-898-4625 Facilities Management and Services
Halderman, Keri 530-898-6007 Facilities Management and Services
Hale, Berlyn Robertson 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Hale, Cindy M 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Hale, Rebecca J 530-898-6344 WellCat Counseling Center
Halford, Jennifer 530-520-6095 University Development
Halimi, David 530-898-5663 Management Department
Hall, Halie 530-898-5873 Intercollegiate Athletics
Hall, Kendall P 530-898-6259 Physics Department
Hall, Marian Rose 530-898-6421 School of Education
Hall, Shirley 530-898-6483 Concrete Industry Management Program
Hall, Steven R. 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Haller, Chad 530-898-3840 Seufferlein Sales Program
Halley, Jason 530-898-6114 Creative Media and Technology
Hamamoto, Judy 530-898-5365 History Department
Hamel, Stephanie 530-898-4478 Communication Studies Program
Hames, John Jack 530-898-3261 Management Department
Hammans, Christina R. 530-898-5299 The Well
Hammond, Brooke C 530-898-6345 WellCat Counseling Center
Hammond, Hugh C. 530-898-4913 AS Conference Services
Hammond, Tayler Sherrine 530-898-4944 School of Social Work
Hand, Bradley 530-898-3170 AS Dining Services
Handy, Adam B 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Handy, Angela 530-898-6023 University Farm
Haney, Jennifer 530-898-4482 Education for the Future
Hanf, Oliver 530-898-5735 Intercollegiate Athletics
Hankins, Don 530-898-4104 Geography and Planning Department
Hanlon, Jim 530-898-6696 Labor Relations
Hansen, Gregory A 530-898-5216 Construction Management Department
Hansen, Jackie 530-898-3103 Child Development Laboratory
Hansen, Karen T 530-898-6286 Chico State Enterprises
Hanson, Ellise 530-898-5020 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Hanson-Lewis, Tina R 530-898-5259 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Hao, Jianliang 530-898-5199 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Hardy, Denise M 530-898-4949 Human Resources Service Center
Hardy, Flint 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Harkness, Billy 530-898-3835 Business Student Advising & Services
Harkness, Charlotte 530-898-6421 School of Education
Harp, Andrew G 530-898-5425 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Harper, Tim 530-898-5519 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Harrington, Jessica L 530-898-6776 University Advancement
Harrington, Timothy Scott 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Harris, Adelaide 530-898-5908 Psychology Department
Harris, Elena 530-898-4304 Computer Science Department
Harris, Jennifer A 530-898-5285 Geography and Planning Department
Harris, Julie 530-898-6197 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Harris, Kathleen J. 530-898-3290 School of Nursing
Harris, Keith S 530-898-6934 Psychology Department
Harris, Michelle L 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Harrison, Scott 530-898-4541 AS Dining Services
Hart, Shelley 530-898-5919 Child Development Department
Harter, Melissa Elin 530-898-6345 WellCat Counseling Center
Harth, Adele 530-898-5959 Accessibility Resource Center
Hartman, Forrest 530-898-4779 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Hartman, Wesley J 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Hartman, Will F 530-898-3853 Humanities and Fine Arts Student Success Studio
Hartwigsen, Ingrid D 530-898-5356 Biological Sciences Department
Harwood, Dannielle O 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Haselton, Curt 530-898-5457 Civil Engineering Department
Haskell, Warren S. 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Haskill, Laura V 530-898-3388 Chico State Enterprises
Hassenzahl, David M. 530-898-6121 College of Agriculture
Hatfield, Colleen A. 530-898-4235 Biological Sciences Department
Hauer, Kirk Matthew 530-898-4025 Network Operations
Haws, LaDawn 530-898-6111 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Hayes, B. Michael 530-898-4626 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Haynes, Cherryl 530-898-5935 Office of Admissions
He, Feng 530-898-6248 Kinesiology Department
Heartstrong, Casi 530-898-5871 Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Heck, Molly 530-898-6319 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Heffner, Darby E. 530-898-6022 University Farm
Heffner, Travis D 530-898-6024 University Farm
Hefner-Elliott, Jonah 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Hefta, Joseph A 518-496-1784 University Development
Heggins Bryant, Nathaniel Z 530-898-5124 English Department
Heimlich, Ryan 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Heino, Hayley A 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Heinze, Timothy 530-898-6090 Marketing Department
Hejazi, Mina 530-898-5466 College of Agriculture
Henderson, Thomas M 530-898-6531 College of Agriculture
Henning, Sheree D. 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Henriksen, Tami 530-898-6325 University Housing
Henry, Jessica L 530-898-4830 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Henry, Justin E 530-898-4480 Business Student Advising & Services
Henry, Lauri J. 530-898-5008 Enterprise Applications
Henry, Tyson 530-898-5709 Computer Science Department
Hensler, Rachel P 530-898-4360 Anthropology Department
Hensley, Jeffrey 530-898-3917 Facilities Management and Services
Hepworth, Bill J 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Her, Mai K 530-898-3852 College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Heredia, Carolina 530-898-5063 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Herman, Matthew W 530-898-5688 Social Science Program
Hermosa, Ian 530-898-6623 Chico State Enterprises
Hernandez, Cass S 530-898-3030 WellCat Safe Place
Hernandez, Manuela 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Hernandez Adame, Maria C 530-898-6112 Chico State Enterprises
Hernandez -Zaragoza, Daniela 530-898-4461 Educational Talent Search
Herrera, Christine A 530-898-5492 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Herrera, Joanna 530-898-3205 Chico Adelante Program
Herrera, Mia 530-898-3564 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Herring, Brian 530-898-6442 Computer Science Department
Herringer, Lawrence G. 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Hethcote, Lindsey 530-898-3335 Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems
Heuton, Karen 530-898-6588 Risk Management
Hibbard, David R. 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Hickie, Jayson 530-898-6105 Professional & Continuing Education
Hidalgo, Danielle A 530-898-6397 Sociology Department
Higbee, Jarrod 530-898-3285 Facilities Management and Services
Hildebrandt, Paul J 530-898-3046 Creative Media and Technology
Hill, Abbey E 530-898-4826 University Public Engagement
Hill, Shaine M 530-898-5121 Biological Sciences Department
Hillyard, S. Luke 530-898-5259 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Hilsee, Joe C. 530-898-5975 University Printing Services
Himberg, Cathrine 530-898-6373 Kinesiology Department
Hinchcliff, Taylor S 530-898-4417 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Hinrichs, Kim 530-898-6826 Management Department
Ho, Thang 530-898-6784 Associated Students Information Technology
Hoag, Nicholas Andrew 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Hocking, Wes 530-898-4639 Civil Engineering Department
Hogue, Cody E D 530-898-4036 Facilities Management and Services
Holcombe, Lori G. 530-898-5233 Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Holland, Julie M 530-898-6567 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Hollis, Pamela 530-898-3402 University Advancement
Holman, Laura J 530-898-6421 School of Education
Holmberg, Lindsey N 530-898-4715 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Holmes, Michelle C 530-898-5142 Office of the Registrar
Hoover, Semaj 530-898-3094 Faculty Development
Hopkins, Jennifer L 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Hord, Tanner L 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Hormann, Melissa J 530-898-3493 School of Nursing
Horsley, Patti 530-898-4620 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Horst, Erin K 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Horst, Kyle 530-898-5368 Psychology Department
Horton, Kandis 530-898-6421 School of Education
Hoskin, Rick 530-898-2287 Intercollegiate Athletics
Hostetter-Lewis, Darcy J. 530-898-3491 School of Nursing
Houk, Eric E. 530-898-4146 College of Agriculture
Howard-Houk, Amy K. 530-898-5733 College of Agriculture
Howell, April C 530-898-3278 Marketing Department
Howell, Terese 530-898-4339 Academic Advising Programs
Hsieh, Cheng Tu 530-898-6373 Kinesiology Department
Hu, Lijiao 530-898-5449 College of Agriculture
Huang, Emily 530-898-5773 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Huang, Leesa V. 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Huddleson, Meredith 530-898-4765 Graduate Studies
Hufford, James D 530-898-3457 Enterprise Systems
Hull, Patrick 530-898-4142 Communication Studies Program
Humason, Scott 530-898-4007 Network Operations
Hunt, Holly L 530-898-5959 Accessibility Resource Center
Hunter, Nora Thomas 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Huyck, Cara N 530-898-5483 University Housing
Huynh, Crystal Thuy 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
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