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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'G'

Name Email Phone Department
Gabriel, Kathleen 530-898-5854 School of Education
Gabriel, Marc 530-898-6117 Bus Reservations
Gaffney, Christopher A. 530-898-3418 Physics Department
Gagnebin, Sarah 530-898-3088 Comparative Religion and Humanities Department
Gainey, Luke 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Galarneau, Veronica 530-898-4549 Child Development Laboratory
Galkin, Dmitriy 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Gallagher, Eric 530-898-6266 Associated Students Information Technology
Gallagher, John Francis 530-898-6661 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Galloway, Shawn 530-898-4357 IT Support Services
Galloway, Stephanie J 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Galvan, Enrique Ricky 530-898-5599 Chico Student Success Center
Galvan, Linda 530-898-5502 Chico State Enterprises
Gammell, Laurence Jerell 530-898-6241 Tribal Relations
Gampel, Eric H. 530-898-6454 Philosophy Department
Gaona, Sandyvel 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Gapa, Angela 530-898-5140 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Garcia, Aldo 530-898-3623 Educational Talent Search
Garcia, Alexis Raziel 530-898-5959 Accessibility Resource Center
Garcia, Gail J 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Garcia, Jasmany 530-898-5712 Academic Advising Programs
Garcia, Javier 530-898-6831 Educational Opportunity Program
Garcia, Miciah 530-898-4260 University Communications
Garcia, Natalie 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Garcia, Serina 530-898-6167 Technology and Learning Program
Garcia Ferreyra, Liliana 530-898-6831 Student Support Services Program
Garcia-Penagos, Andres H. 530-898-5363 Psychology Department
Garcia-Rueda, Ulysess 530-898-5959 Accessibility Resource Center
Gardner, Brian 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Garfia Pinon, Saul 530-898-4432 Associated Students Financial Services
Garibay, Elizabeth 530-898-3396 Professional & Continuing Education
Garnett, Julie D. 530-898-3054 School of Nursing
Garrett, Cynthia R 530-898-4646 Social Science Program
Garrido, Rony E. 530-898-4501 Languages and Cultures Department
Garriga-Lopez, Claudia Sofia 530-898-5198 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Gatton, Jay Donald 530-898-6311 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Gavin, Joel 530-898-5115 Distribution Services
Geahry, Amanda 530-898-5722 University Housing
Gebb, Ashley 530-898-4435 University Communications
Gebhart, Skye 530-898-5829 Chico State Enterprises
Geddie, Morgan W. 530-898-4556 Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management Department
Geiger, John D 530-898-4376 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Geiger, Nicole 530-898-5316 Classroom Technology Services
Geise, Bradley 530-898-4482 Education for the Future
Geivett, Morton 530-898-6421 School of Education
Gentry, Beverly 530-898-6433 Staff Professional Development
Germar, August Charles 530-898-5037 Enterprise Systems
Gervasi, Carl J 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Gervasi, Crystal 530-898-5773 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Geszvain, Kati 530-898-6254 Biological Sciences Department
Giampaoli, Joan 530-898-6805 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Gibson, Rachael S 530-898-4892 Chico STEM Connections Collaborative
Gibson, Todd 530-898-5567 Computer Science Department
Gilb, Ross Darin 530-898-6094 Financial Accounting and Reporting
Gilbert, Reidun L 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Gilberti, Drew B 530-898-6848 Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems
Giles, January R 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Gilham, Haley M 530-898-5555 University Police
Gilman, Elnora 530-898-5342 Civil Engineering Department
Gilmartin, Connor J 530-898-5010 Butte Creek Ecological Preserve
Gilmore, Lee 530-898-5661 Comparative Religion and Humanities Department
Gimple, Sam 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Giovanni, Maria 530-898-4023 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Givertz, Michelle 530-898-6052 Communication Studies Program
Glander, Dale 530-898-5555 University Police
Glatz, Adrienne 530-898-6371 Graduate Studies
Gleason, Jared L 530-898-5555 University Police
Godinez, Gloria 530-898-3654 Labor Relations
Gomez, Carmen F 530-898-4296 School of the Arts
Gonsalves, Michael J. 530-898-6940 Academic Personnel
Gonzales, Amy K 530-898-3572 Center for Healthy Communities
Gonzalez, Mariana 530-898-5294 Educational Talent Search
Gonzalez-Ayala, Jose Angel 530-898-4931 Educational Talent Search
Goodall, Nicolas S 530-898-5194 University Advancement
Goodman, Joseph W 530-898-3885 Facilities Management and Services
Goodsell, Eli 530-898-5014 Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
Gordon, Ashley 530-898-6625 Chico State Enterprises
Gordon, James P 530-898-6520 Information Security
Gordon, Liahna E. 530-898-3196 Sociology Department
Gorman, Kristen F 530-898-5539 Biological Sciences Department
Gosselin, Jana 530-898-4229 Environmental Health & Safety
Gossman, Joshua 530-898-6267 Library Research, Instruction, and Outreach
Goto, Keiko 530-898-6767 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Gott, Thomas 530-898-6180 Intercollegiate Athletics
Goulding, Christine M. 530-898-5166 Languages and Cultures Department
Graber, JoBeth 530-898-6631 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Graduate TA's, Lab Instructors 530-898-0000 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Grassian, Daniel S 530-898-6894 Academic Programs
Grassini, Janine 530-898-5088 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Graves, Kelly L 530-321-5309 Management Department
Graves, Veronica O 530-898-5150 Intercollegiate Athletics
Gray, Joshua 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Gray, Katharine 530-898-4095 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Gray, Matthew 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Gray, Nicol 530-898-4923 Academic Programs
Green, Nick 530-898-6609 Intercollegiate Athletics
Green, Stacy L 530-898-5979 Civil Engineering Department
Green, Susan Gordon 530-898-5158 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Greene, Jeanne B 530-898-3120 Gateway Science Museum
Greene, Joseph P. 530-898-4977 Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Department
Greene, Todd J. 530-898-5546 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Gregg, Cathy 530-898-3449 Enrollment Management
Grey, Ildi 530-898-3705 Chico Student Success Center
Griffin, Amy 530-898-3636 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Griffin, Michael 530-898-4779 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Grist, Scott Michael 530-898-4335 Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems
Groody, Tyler James 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Groom, Michael A 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Grothe, Tom 530-898-4257 Communication Studies Program
Gruber, Jennifer L 530-898-5415 International Education and Global Engagement
Grubert, Mark 530-898-4458 Telecommunications Services
Grubert, Shannon 530-898-4944 School of Social Work
Gruenberg, Sheena 530-898-5678 Center for Healthy Communities
Gruneisen, Kristin 530-898-6476 Center for Healthy Communities
Guild, Jake A 530-898-4357 IT Support Services
Guillen, Luis 530-898-6084 Classroom Technology Services
Gulbransen, Michael A 530-898-6421 School of Education
Gunderson, Jamie L 530-898-5167 School of Education
Gunel, John 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Guo, Jing 530-898-6562 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Gutierrez, Jessica 530-898-5479 Payroll Services
Guynn, Robbin H 530-898-4151 School of Nursing
Guzman, Joey A 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Guzman, Karen 530-898-5170 Recreational Sports
Gyugyi, Nathan L 530-342-1371 Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
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