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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'E'

Name Email Phone Department
Early, Kathryn T. 530-898-5505 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Easton, Laird M. 530-898-4284 History Department
Eaton Jr., David 530-898-4185 Anthropology Department
Ebel, Carolyn 530-898-6075 Student Health Center
Eberhardt, Roxy 530-898-6345 Counseling and Wellness Center
Eckart, Steven D 530-898-5219 College of Engineering, Computer Sci, and Construction Mgmt.
Edelmann, Tricia L. 530-898-5108 Biological Sciences Department
Eden-Zamarron, Erika A 530-898-6535 Property Management
Edinger, Gino 530-898-5580 Business Instructional Computing
Edmunson, Jessica D 530-898-5130 Gateway Science Museum
Edwards, Adrienne L. 530-898-5861 Biological Sciences Department
Edwards, Daniel J. 530-898-5226 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Edwards, Margaret P 530-898-6917 Biological Sciences Department
Eggen, Jessica 530-898-5304 Communication Studies Program
Eggers, Paul S. 530-898-3732 English Department
Eldredge, Brett E. 530-898-4319 Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management Department
Ellingson, Lyndall 530-898-6661 Health and Community Services Department
Elliott, Carrie 530-898-5241 Student Health Center
Elliott, Marshall 530-898-3172 University Housing
Elliott, Stephanie A 530-898-4810 Biological Sciences Department
Ellis, Brianna N. 530-898-5253 Career Center
Ellis, Herman 530-898-6131 Vice President for Student Affairs
Ellis, Janet 530-898-4151 School of Nursing
Ellis, Kristin 530-898-5046 Student Financial Services
Emanuel, Jill 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Emmerich, Lisa E. 530-898-6338 History Department
Engasser, Wendi R 530-898-6473 Vice President for University Advancement
Engstrom, Tag N. 530-898-6748 Biological Sciences Department
Ennis, Michael P. 530-898-4963 Psychology Department
Enriquez-Loya, Ayde 530-898-3558 English Department
Erickson, Heidi 530-898-6179 Kinesiology Department
Erling, Amanda 530-898-4000 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Ernandes, Michael 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Ertle, Ellie L. 530-898-5736 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Escutia, Michael 530-898-6553 Business Information Technology Services
Espinoza Aguilar, David 530-898-3945 Geographical Information Center
Ettlin, Kaytie L. 530-898-5844 College of Agriculture
Evans, Lauri 530-898-5093 Student Health Center
Evenson, Richard C 530-898-6117 Bus Reservations
Everson, Daniel A 530-898-5728 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Exley, Lamartrus L 530-898-4357 Information Technology Support Services
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