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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'D'

Name Email Phone Department
da Silva, Gordon L 530-898-5658 Network Operations
da Silva, Jennifer R 530-898-6105 Regional and Continuing Education
D'Acquisto, Anthony 530-898-5790 University Housing
D'Acquisto, Shelly 530-898-6363 University Housing
Daguerre, Marcel 530-898-4840 Philosophy Department
Dailey, Kristy 530-898-5747 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Daley, Cindy A. 530-898-6280 College of Agriculture
Daley, David A. 530-898-6343 Agricultural Teaching and Research Center/University Farm
Dalton, Marnie R. 530-898-5404 College of Agriculture
Daly, Jessica N 530-898-5153 Music and Theatre Department
Damazo, Rebekah J. 530-898-3290 School of Nursing
Damon, Jamie 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Dan, Abigail R 530-898-3864 Center for Economic Development
Dan, Abigail R 530-898-3864 Center for Economic Development
Daniels, Alyssa 530-898-5302 Business Information Systems Department
Daniels, Curtis 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Daniels, Patricia 530-898-6105 Regional and Continuing Education
Danner, Richard 530-898-6329 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Danovitch, Roy N 530-898-6421 School of Education
Dantona, William 530-898-5823 American Language and Culture Institute
Darden, Toni 530-898-4315 College of Communication and Education
Darr, Casey C 530-898-6983 Creative Media and Technology
D'Augelli, Barbara 530-898-6978 Music and Theatre Department
D'Augelli, Greg 530-898-6978 Music and Theatre Department
Daugherty, Monica 530-898-6421 School of Education
David, Kentiner A. 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Davidoff, Adam M 530-898-6439 Child Development Laboratory
Davidson, Robert G. 530-898-6372 English Department
Davis, Adria N 530-898-3697 Art and Art History Department
Davis, Nicole 530-898-5632 School of Social Work
Davison, Bryce 530-898-5555 University Police
Day, Jonathan R. 530-898-6303 Biological Sciences Department
De La Torre-Escobedo, Marysol 530-898-6421 School of Education
Dean, Mary R. 530-898-4470 Geographical Information Center
DeAtley, Kasey L. 530-898-5112 College of Agriculture
DeBerg, Curtis L. 530-898-4824 Accounting Department
DeBock, D. Jared 530-898-3684 Civil Engineering Department
DeBon, Cindy 530-898-5301 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
DeBrito, Quirino 530-898-3251 International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department
Decker, Jeff 530-898-6203 Accounting Department
Deems, Donna L. 530-898-4906 Career Center
DeForest, Dallas 530-898-6302 History Department
DeForest, Sarah J. 530-898-3737 College of Agriculture
Delarosa Villa, Laura A 530-898-5951 Office of Admissions
Delorenzo, Teddy C. 530-898-4950 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
DeLuca, Carley 530-898-6316 Construction Management Department
DeMasi, Adelle C. 530-898-5604 Chico Student Success Center
DeMeyer, Sharon 530-898-5488 English Department
Denlay, Chris 530-898-3918 Facilities Management and Services
Denofrio, Michael 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Derucher, Kenneth N. 530-898-4886 Civil Engineering Department
Desmond, Michele A 530-898-6679 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Dev, Sanjay 530-898-5518 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Devine, Daniel 530-898-5037 Enterprise Systems
Devol, Ken F. 530-898-5896 North State Public Radio
Devol, Peggy 530-898-5181 Upward Bound
Diamond, Wendy 530-898-6139 Library Research, Instruction, and Outreach
Diaz, Jose D 530-898-6323 Creative Media and Technology
Diaz, Omar 530-898-4135 Facilities Management and Services
Dickenson, Jeffrey J. 530-898-5424 Music and Theatre Department
Dickerson, Scott 530-898-6520 Information Security Office
Dickman, Emily 530-898-3299 International Education, Office of
Dietrich, Jessica 530-898-5522 Chico Student Success Center
Dietz, Eric R. 530-898-6230 Physics Department
Digmon, Nica 530-898-3275 School of Social Work
Dill, Kyler S 530-898-5968 English Department
DiMaggio, Beth 530-898-5957 Graduation Advising
DiMaggio, J. Paul 530-898-5739 College of Humanities and Fine Arts
DiMercurio, Zoe C 530-898-4357 Information Technology Support Services
Dinsmore, Casey 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Dion, Denise E. 530-898-6543 Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Dirghangi, Shrija R 530-898-5564 Child Development Department
Divine, Francie 530-898-6762 Creative Media and Technology
Dixon, Bryan 530-898-4864 Computer Science Department
Dizard, Jesse A 530-898-5583 Anthropology Department
Dobra, Susan M 530-898-6065 Philosophy Department
Dodele-Monnot, Michelle R 530-898-6117 Bus Reservations
Dolan, Mary A 530-898-4377 Psychology Department
Donaldson, Joseph G 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Donatello, Ian N 530-898-6924 Institutional Research
Donatello, Robin 530-898-5767 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Donnan, Nancy L. 530-898-6141 Economics Department
Donnell, Tara E 530-898-6345 Counseling and Wellness Center
Donnelly, Patrick J 530-898-4342 Computer Science Department
Donoho, Casey 530-898-4828 Finance and Marketing Department
Donze, Patricia 530-898-5828 Sociology Department
Doran, Scott Timothy 530-898-5863 Kinesiology Department
Doughman, Stacy 530-898-6421 School of Education
Douglas, Matthew L 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Downing, Jim 530-898-4832 Management Department
Downing, Marie R 530-898-5424 Music and Theatre Department
Doyle, Stephen P. 530-898-6586 College of Agriculture
Draper, Aaron 530-898-4079 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Drobny, Tiffany 530-898-5613 Printing Services
Duarte, Benjamin 530-898-4413 MESA Engineering Program
Dubie, Robert A 530-898-5846 Biological Sciences Department
Dubner, Amanda S 530-898-3902 Facilities Management and Services
Duch, Marissa 530-898-6704 AS Dining Services
Ducioame, Holly M 530-898-6706 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Duckworth, Alison Nicole 530-898-6483 College of Engineering, Computer Sci, and Construction Mgmt.
Duggan, Jenn 530-898-4480 College of Business
Dungan, Jonni 530-898-4026 Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies
Dunlap, Pamela M 530-898-6632 Degree Audit Programming
Dunlap, Roy A 530-898-4472 School of Education
Dunn, Tony 530-898-6550 Information Technology Client Services
Duran, Hannah N 530-898-5857 English Department
Durham, Deborah 530-898-6421 School of Education
DuSell, Thomas P E 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Dvorin, David 530-898-4848 Music and Theatre Department
Dwyre, Diana 530-898-5734 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Dye, Jennifer K 530-898-3572 Center for Healthy Communities
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