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School of Social Work (SWRK)

Department Info

Office Hours
8am - 5pm
Campus Zip


Name Title Email Phone
Susan Roll Director 530-898-4275
Shannon C Grubert Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4944
Jaime L. Nelson Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5043
Vince Ornelas BSW Director 530-898-5445
Sue Steiner MSW Director 530-898-3066
Patrick Borel Director of Field Education 530-898-5875
J.D. Bassett Professor 530-898-5597
Alex Brown Lecturer 530-898-3016
Dawn Carini Lecturer 530-898-6204
Lorie Cavanaugh Lecturer 530-898-6204
Melissa Cheatham Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5235
Chelsea Cornell Title IV-E Coordinator 530-898-6754
Kathy Cox Professor 530-898-3060
Ken Crandall Lecturer 530-898-6204
Nicole Davis Student Services Coordinator 530-898-5632
Nica Digmon Admin Support Assistant 530-898-3275
Heather L Fox Lecturer 530-898-6204
Gail J Garcia Lecturer 530-898-6204
January R Giles Lecturer 530-898-6204
Molly Heck Lecturer 530-898-6319
Patty Hunter Professor Emeritus 530-898-4187
Maia Illa Lecturer 530-898-6204
Lilith M Iversen Lecturer 530-898-6204
Lilith M Iversen Lecturer 530-898-6204
Pam Johansen Professor 530-898-3016
Celeste A. Jones Professor 530-898-6205
Meka Klungtvet-Morano Title IV-E Coordinator 530-898-6874
Dilia Loe Lecturer 530-898-6204
Gina L. Muse Lecturer 530-898-6204
Jene M. Rabo Admin Support Assistant 530-898-4261
Andrea Rioux Lecturer 530-898-6204
Seema Sehrawat Professor 530-898-3113
Kui Hee Song Professor 530-898-5590
Tang Judy Vang Lecturer 530-898-6204
Reidun L Waddell Lecturer 530-898-6204
Reidun L Waddell Lecturer 530-898-6204
Heather Werner Lecturer 530-898-6204
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University Information

California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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Emergency Service
9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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