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School of Social Work (SWRK)

Department Info

Office Hours
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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Name Title Email Phone
Celeste A. Jones Director 530-898-6205
Michele C Eggers BSW Director 530-898-3809
Meka Klungtvet-Morano MSW Director 530-898-6874
Chelsea Cornell MSW Director 530-898-6754
Nevada C Earp Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-3927
Patrick Borel Director of Field Education 530-898-5875
Nicole Davis Field Placement Coordinator 530-898-5632
Molly A Calhoun Distributed Learning Coordinator 530-898-5597
Caroline Oster Distributed Learning Advisor 530-898-5235
Stephanie T Cello Admin Support Assistant 530-898-4942
Meka Klungtvet-Morano Title IV-E Coordinator 530-898-6874
Chelsea Cornell Title IV-E Coordinator 530-898-6754
Nica Digmon Admin Support Assistant 530-898-3275
Jene M. Rabo Admin Support Assistant 530-898-4261
Nikki E Balboa Lecturer 530-898-6204
Devjani Banerjee-Stevens Assistant Professor 530-898-6365
Alex Brown Lecturer 530-898-6204
Vania S Buck Lecturer 530-898-6204
Senta M Burton Lecturer 530-898-6204
Kristine L Claycamp Lecturer 530-898-6204
Brett Cornell Lecturer 530-898-6204
Ken Crandall Lecturer 530-898-6204
Gail J Garcia Lecturer 530-898-6204
Reidun L Gilbert Lecturer 530-898-6204
January R Giles Lecturer 530-898-6204
TJ Grundy Lecturer 530-898-6204
Maia Illa Lecturer 530-898-6204
Lisa A Jellison Lecturer 530-898-6204
Pam Johansen Professor Emeritus 530-898-6204
Heather M Krystek-Duenas Lecturer 530-898-4755
Qingyi Li Assistant Professor 530-898-5590
Dilia Loe Lecturer 530-898-6204
Gina L. Muse Lecturer 530-898-6204
Vincent Ornelas Associate Professor 530-898-5445
LuAnn V Peitz Lecturer 530-898-6204
Amy L Rhoades Lecturer 530-898-6204
Andrea Rioux Lecturer 530-898-6204
Kui Hee Song Professor 530-898-5590
Sue Steiner Professor 530-898-3066
Ada D Terry Lecturer 530-898-6204
Cindy Vang Assistant Professor 530-898-6361
Tang Judy Vang Lecturer 530-898-6204
Heather Werner Lecturer 530-898-6204
Darci R Yartz Lecturer 530-898-6204
molly heck Lecturer 530-898-6319
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