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Kinesiology Department (KINE)

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Name Title Email Phone
Kevin Patton Chair 530-898-6373
Laurie Hansen Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4003
Caroline Eikenbary Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6374
Cassie Shelton Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6807
Scott Timothy Doran Staff 530-898-5863
Eileen M. Ross Staff 530-898-4052
Nigel Solece Staff 530-898-4399
Susan Amaro Lecturer 530-898-4627
Richard S Astley Lecturer 530-898-5743
Farshad Azad Lecturer 530-898-4076
Jack Azevedo Professor 530-898-5878
Dustin Bakkie Lecturer 530-898-5310
Kathi Balasek Lecturer 530-898-6304
Scott Barker Lecturer 530-898-5873
Jolene Barry Lecturer 530-898-3653
Dave A Berman Lecturer 530-898-6179
Josie Blagrave Assistant Professor 530-898-4314
Craig A. Buschner Professor 530-898-6960
Traci Ciapponi Assistant Professor 530-898-5429
Joc Clark Lecturer 530-898-6179
Barb Cross Lecturer 530-898-4974
Reid Cross Professor 530-898-5220
Heidi Erickson Lecturer 530-898-6179
David C. Fuhs Lecturer 530-898-4852
Veronica O Graves Lecturer 530-898-4920
Feng He Assistant Professor 530-898-6248
Stephen K. Henderson Lecturer 530-898-4072
Cathrine Himberg Professor 530-898-5239
Cheng Tu Hsieh Professor 530-898-4329
Eleonor Jonasson-Brady Lecturer 530-898-6304
Hyun Chul Jung Assistant Professor 530-898-4067
Sae-Mi Lee Assistant Professor 530-898-4773
Deanna Lowe Lecturer 530-898-6120
Rebecca Lytle Professor 530-898-4298
Melissa Mache Associate Professor 530-898-6617
Wendy McKenzie Lecturer 530-898-4773
JaNae McLaughlin Lecturer 530-898-4627
Aubrey Newland Assistant Professor 530-898-4896
Marcia Pope Lecturer 530-898-6069
Carli Ross Lecturer 530-898-6324
Debra Roth Lecturer 530-898-4640
Victor Sbarbaro Lecturer 530-898-6330
Michael Smith Assistant Professor 530-898-5868
Austin P Stahl Lecturer 530-898-4076
Rex Stromness Lecturer 530-898-4920
Devin Tacla Lecturer 530-898-5873
Tom Ussery Lecturer 530-898-4535
Thomas M Witt Lecturer 530-898-4920
Luciana Zuest Assistant Professor 530-898-4841
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