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Kinesiology Department (KINE)

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Name Title Email Phone
Melissa Mache Chair 530-898-6373
Dianna Snyder Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4003
Cassie Shelton Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6807
Danielle Geneva Windom Administrative Assistant 530-898-6374
Nigel Solece Equipment Specialist 530-898-4399
Cameron Lesslie Autism Clinic Motor Specialist 530-898-4756
Laura Mitchell Autism Clinic Motor Specialist 530-898-4756
Jack Azevedo Professor 530-898-5878
Dustin Bakkie Lecturer 530-898-5310
Kathi Balasek Lecturer 530-898-6373
Jolene Barry Lecturer 530-898-3653
Dave Berman Lecturer 530-898-6179
Josie Blagrave Assistant Professor and Autism Clinic Director 530-898-4314
Laynie Case Assistant Professor 530-898-6373
Traci Ciapponi Assistant Professor 530-898-6373
Joc Clark Lecturer 530-898-6179
Colin Coughenour Lecturer 530-898-4487
Barb Cross Lecturer 530-898-4974
Reid Cross Professor 530-898-5220
Andrew C D'Lugos Assistant Professor 530-898-4841
Heidi Erickson Lecturer 530-898-6179
Halie Hall Lecturer 530-898-6373
Feng He Associate Professor 530-898-6248
Cathrine Himberg Professor 530-898-6373
Cheng Tu Hsieh Professor 530-898-6373
Marc Jensen Lecturer 530-898-4640
Eleonor Jonasson-Brady Lecturer 530-898-4920
Deanna Lowe Lecturer 530-898-6120
Wendy McKenzie Lecturer 530-898-4076
Aubrey Newland Associate Professor 530-898-4896
Ryan Perkins Assistant Professor 530-898-6373
Marci Pope Lecturer 530-898-6069
Erin Reynolds Lecturer 530-898-6373
Brandon Ricetti Lecturer 530-898-4920
Carli Ross Lecturer 530-898-6373
Bradley N Smith Lecturer 530-898-4076
Devin Tacla Lecturer 530-898-5873
Josh Trout Professor 530-898-6373
Tom Ussery Lecturer 530-898-4535
Lilita Wood Lecturer 530-898-4974
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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