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English Department (ENGL)

Department Info

Office Hours
M-F 8-5
Campus Zip


Name Title Email Phone
Peter Kittle Chair 530-898-3241
Saundra K. Wright Assistant Chair 530-898-5124
Sharon DeMeyer Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5488
Lisbed Santamaria Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5125
Matthew Brown Professor 530-898-5165
Kelly Candelaria Lecturer 530-898-5124
Jennifer M Carter Teaching Associate 530-898-5124
Jeanne E. Clark Professor 530-898-5124
Robert G. Davidson Professor 530-898-6372
Altjingoo Enkhtur Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Ayde Enriquez-Loya Associate Professor 530-898-5124
Brenton Farrell Lecturer 530-898-6797
Christian Fosen Professor 530-898-5124
Matthew W Franks Lecturer 530-898-5857
Nathaniel Z Heggins Bryant Assistant Professor 530-898-5124
Erin K Kelly Associate Professor 530-898-5124
Brooke C Kenney Teaching Associate 530-898-5124
Ava A Kruger Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Ibe J Liebenberg Lecturer 530-898-5124
Lauren N Liggett Teaching Associate 530-898-5124
Alexandra Matteucci Lecturer 530-898-5124
Anna B. Moore Lecturer 530-898-3143
Athena Murphy Lecturer 530-898-5124
Hailey J Murphy Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Akylai Murzakulova Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Paul Olejarczuk Assistant Professor 530-898-5124
Sarah K Pape Lecturer 530-898-4865
Naomi L Payne Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Larisa S Perkins-Orta Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
Linda Rogers Lecturer 530-898-5124
Dionne Soares Palmer Lecturer 530-898-5124
Corey Sparks Assistant Professor 530-898-5124
Laura A Sparks Associate Professor 530-898-3736
John C Traver Professor 530-898-3123
Teresa H Traver Professor 530-898-5124
Sara A. Trechter Professor 530-898-5124
Cassidy L Ulery Teaching Associate 530-898-5124
Kailey M Wilson Instructional Student Assistant 530-898-5124
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California State University, Chico
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Chico, CA, 95929
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9-1-1 From any phone

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IT Support Services:
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