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Facilities Management and Services (FMS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Nate Abrams Custodian 530-898-6222
Ashley A Addington Custodian 530-898-6222
Herman Allmaras Laborer 530-898-6222
Arnulfo Arevalo Light Auto Equipment Operator 530-898-6222
Marvila Arevalo Custodian 530-898-6222
Michael L Ariza Operating Engineer 530-898-4036
Adrian Ayala Manager of Custodial, Grounds & Moving Services 530-898-3893
Agustri B Manalu Custodian 530-898-6222
William Berry Custodian 530-898-6222
Aaron Bressoud Electrician 530-898-6222
Travis Bristol Supervising Locksmith 530-898-3906
Will K Brumbaugh Building Service Engineer 530-898-4036
Ryan Burkett Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Lisa Dyan Byrne Account Tech 530-898-5641
Ryan J Caldwell Manager of Design & Construction 530-898-4193
Maria G Cardenas Custodian 530-898-6222
Eric Casey Supervising Electrician 530-898-6222
George C Chittenden Custodian 530-898-6222
Eileena M Chrestensen Custodian 530-898-6222
Eddie Cole Painter 530-898-6222
Mark Cooper Supervising Mechanic 530-898-3918
Andrew Council Auto Equipment Mechanic 530-898-6222
Brian D Cross Pest Control & Spray Specialist 530-898-6222
Daniel Currie Electrician 530-898-6222
Anthony D'Acquisto Lead Custodian 530-898-6222
Shelly D'Acquisto Custodian 530-898-6222
Omar Diaz Custodian 530-898-6222
Adam Doak Custodian 530-898-6222
Joseph G Donaldson Custodian 530-898-6222
Jason Dotson Operating Engineer 530-898-4036
Matthew L Douglas Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-6222
Thomas P E DuSell Garden Specialist 530-898-6222
Thomas E Enns Custodian 530-898-6222
Alberto Escalante Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Herminia Espinoza-Valencia Custodian 530-898-6222
Brian M Faria Locksmith 530-898-6222
Eric W Fleming Operating Engineer 530-898-4036
Diana Forman Custodian 530-898-6222
Robert S. Francis Plumber 530-898-6222
Stephen Friedrich Custodian 530-898-6222
Laura Frisbee Accounts Payable Technician 530-898-3884
Luke Gainey Electrician 530-898-6222
Dmitriy Galkin Light Auto Equipment Operator 530-898-6222
Brian Gardner Laborer 530-898-6222
Carl J Gervasi Supervising Painter 530-898-6222
Sam Gimple Custodian 530-898-6222
Joseph W Goodman Project Manager 530-898-3885
Joshua Gray Carpenter 530-898-6222
Matthew Gray Carpenter 530-898-6222
Michael A Groom Custodian 530-898-6222
Joey A Guzman Custodian 530-898-6222
Chance Halderman Laborer 530-898-6222
Elizabeth Halderman Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-4625
Keri Halderman Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-6007
Adam B Handy Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Flint Hardy Painter 530-898-6222
Jeffrey Hensley Manager of Logistics & Transportation 530-898-3917
Jarrod Higbee Manager of Building Maintenance 530-898-3285
Cody E D Hogue Building Service Engineer 530-898-4036
Ernest J Jannett Building Service Engineer 530-898-4036
Casey Kavanagh Electrician 530-898-6222
Zachariah Kitch Laborer 530-898-6222
Edward Knight Custodian 530-898-6222
Dave Kuzmack Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-6222
Scott A Layne Facilities Worker II 530-898-6222
Jillian Leach Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-3904
Mong Lee Lead Custodian 530-898-6222
Patrick M Lehane Pest Control & Spray Specialist 530-898-6222
Stephanie Lingsch Planner/Estimator/Scheduler 530-898-3889
Manny Lopez Custodian 530-898-6222
Kevin Lor Custodian 530-898-6222
James Lorentzen Custodian 530-898-6222
Curtis Maas Supervising Carpenter 530-898-6222
Antonia Magana Custodian 530-898-6222
Robert Mallow Building Service Engineer 530-898-4036
Michael Mandry Facilities Control Specialist 530-898-4036
Evalina Marks Custodian 530-898-6222
Cady Martin Payroll Coordinator 530-898-3898
Nick Martin Refrigeration Mechanic 530-898-4036
Zachariah Martin Mason 530-898-6222
Jose Martinez Refrigeration Mechanic 530-898-4036
Cheryl A McClain Custodian 530-898-6222
Jeffery McDowell Operating Engineer 530-898-4036
David Meichtry Custodian 530-898-6222
Jeffrey Miles Facilities Worker II 530-898-6222
Brett Molyneaux Custodian 530-898-6222
Tim Moody Facilities Worker II 530-898-6222
James W Moore Manager of the Central Plant 530-898-3876
Rocky Morris Custodian 530-898-6222
Ernesto Murillo Lead Custodian 530-898-6222
Ihsan Obaidi Custodian 530-898-6222
Reagan Shane Oberdorf Plumber 530-898-6222
Silas Ewald Ochsner Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Edith Ortega Custodian 530-898-6222
Douglas H Osby Custodian 530-898-6222
Gerardo Osorio Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Aaron D Pearson Accounting Technician 530-898-3883
Alan Peck Lead Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Grazia M Pennisi Custodian 530-898-6222
Mark Person Storekeeper 530-898-3916
Bradley Peterson Custodian 530-898-6222
Chris R Philipp Facilities Worker II 530-898-6222
Steven Phillips Locksmith 530-898-6222
William J Phillips Custodian 530-898-6222
Kevin Pierce Project Manager 530-898-3164
Philip A Platanitis Facilities Project Supervisor 530-898-6222
Dennis Price Supervisor of Custodial 530-898-3901
Ross P Pritchett Custodian 530-898-6222
Brannon Pruis Metal Worker 530-898-6222
Jeffrey Ryan Reilley Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-3894
Bryant Rivera Lead Custodian 530-898-6222
Daniel Robinson Custodian 530-898-6222
David Rodriguez Supervisor of Custodial 530-898-3184
Alma R Rodriguez de Lara Custodian 530-898-6222
Mary Roll Lead Custodian 530-898-6222
Kris A Sanders Project Manager 530-898-3887
Chad Everette Scott Custodian 530-898-6222
Laurie Sevier Manager of Customer Support 530-898-3902
Stephen D Sibley Auto Equipment Mechanic 530-898-3918
Zachary Smith Director of Design and Construction 530-898-5653
Randy Southall Associate Vice President of Facilities & Capital Projects 530-898-4080
Paul Tamietti Supervising Plumber 530-898-6222
Chiachong Thao Custodian 530-898-6222
Long Thao Custodian 530-898-6222
Mia Thornton Facilities Reservations Coordinator 530-898-3899
Hal Toon Admin Support Assistant 530-898-4814
Joseph Turri Supervising Building Service Engineer 530-898-4036
Tim Uchimura Drafting Technician 530-898-5523
Fidelina Valencia Mendoza Custodian 530-898-6222
Jorge Valencia Rubio Warehouse Worker 530-898-3907
Dale Vang Custodian 530-898-6222
Allie B Vassar Manager of Budget & Finance 530-898-3905
Blanca E Vazquez Custodian 530-898-6222
Elvira Vazquez Magallanes Custodian 530-898-6222
Sergio Villasenor Custodian 530-898-6222
Gary Walters Groundsworker 530-898-6222
Jay Williams Custodian 530-898-6222
Danny Wright Facilities Control Specialist 530-898-4036
Jenna Wright-Parrish Director of Business Operations 530-898-3548
Xeng Xiong Custodian 530-898-6222
Kou Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Koua Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Thor Por Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Tyler Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Tzaiger Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Yia Yang Custodian 530-898-6222
Ron E Yates Zero Waste Laborer 530-898-6222
Veronica Zamora Mariscal Custodian 530-898-6222
Julio Cesar Zepeda Irrigation Specialist 530-898-6222
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