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Creative Media and Technology (CMT)

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Name Title Email Phone
Mike Magrey Director 530-898-6469
Anna C. Harris Associate Director 530-898-5882
Jessica N Bartlett Media Production Specialist 530-898-6115
Angela N Bledsoe Information Technology Consultant 530-898-3374
Casey C Darr Web Designer 530-898-6983
Jose D Diaz Web Support 530-898-6323
Francie Divine Web Designer 530-898-6762
Luis Guillen Equipment Systems Specialist 530-898-6084
Jason Halley Media Production Specialist 530-898-6114
Paul J Hildebrandt Media Production Specialist 530-898-3046
Scott Johnson Information Technology Consultant 530-898-4914
Jarod M Keel Media Production Specialist 530-898-4421
R. Brad Laffins Information Technology Consultant 530-898-5316
Ron Linzy Graphics Designer 530-898-4393
Brent Liotta Lead Classroom Technologies 530-898-3255
Nathan Methvin-Terry Information Technology Consultant 530-898-6382
Michael R Murtey Web Developer 530-898-4350
Greg Olson Media Production Specialist 530-898-5317
Johnny Poon Information Technology Consultant 530-898-4299
Chris Said Information Technology Consultant 530-898-3581
Morgan C Schmidt Lead, Media Production 530-898-5485
Derek J Stanley Information Technology Consultant 530-898-4406
Marcie Tevis Administrative Contract Coordinator 530-898-4295
Matthew R Torst Reprographics Specialist 530-898-4499
Gail M Vanderhoof Senior Graphic Designer 530-898-3620
Casey J Zampa Media Production Specialist 530-898-3039
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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