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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'W'

Name Email Phone Department
Waddell, Reidun L 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Wade, Alisa J 530-898-5365 History Department
Wagner, Karen M 530-898-4361 Library Circulation/Interlibrary Services/Reserve
Wagner, Ramona 530-898-3170 AS Dining Services
Wagner, Sherry 530-898-4999 Office of Admissions
Wahl, Kenny 530-898-5126 Environmental Health & Safety
Wakefield, Alaina M 530-898-3468 College of Agriculture
Walden, Edward 530-898-5506 Wildcat Recreation Center
Walker, Jenna 530-898-3546 Adventure Outings
Walker, Rainbow T 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Walker-Bernkrant, Haylee C 530-898-3808 Chico State Enterprises
Wallin, Heather M 530-898-6306 IRES Admin Service Center
Wallis, Terra Lee 530-898-3387 Chico State Enterprises
Wallmark, Mary K. 530-898-5396 Student Life and Leadership
Walls, Sara Katherine 530-898-5124 English Department
Walter, Miriam 530-898-5378 School of Nursing
Walters, Andrea M 530-898-6409 Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management Department
Walters, Gary 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Walton, Gail E. 530-898-5578 Child Development Department
Wang, Zhaohong 530-898-4769 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Ward, Allison 530-898-6421 School of Education
Warenycia, Michael D 530-898-3735 Art and Art History Department
Warner, Robert 530-898-4061 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Wasche, Katherine N 530-898-5124 English Department
Washburn, Lisa 530-898-4753 College of Agriculture
Wasinger, Erik 530-898-5651 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Wasinger, Liz 530-898-5301 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Waters, Crystal M 530-898-4649 College of Agriculture
Watkins, Amelia Hope 530-898-5923 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Watkins, Gregory 530-898-4388 Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Department
Watts, Michael 530-898-4340 Library Building Management and Student Personnel
Weaver, Ashlyn K 530-898-6256 Anthropology Department
Weber, Lori M. 530-898-4504 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Webster, Jackson P 530-898-6539 Civil Engineering Department
Webster, Kelly 530-898-4480 Business Student Advising & Services
Weeber, Tracy A 530-898-6458 School of Nursing
Weherly, Kevin 530-898-4357 IT Support Services
Wei, Xinyu 530-898-5773 Business Information Systems Department
Weingartner, Paul J 530-898-3492 School of Nursing
Wellersdick, Arthur J 530-898-5216 Construction Management Department
Wells, Blain 530-898-6376 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Wells, Brian S 530-898-5544 Business Information Technology Services
Welsh, Thomas 530-898-6048 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Wentz, Blake 530-898-5963 College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management
Werner, Heather 530-898-6204 School of Social Work
Werth, Laura M 530-898-5029 Academic Personnel
Westbay, Jessica 530-898-5135 Procurement and Contract Services
Weston, Jayne L 530-898-5356 Biological Sciences Department
Westwood, Lisa 530-898-6192 Anthropology Department
Whelan, Carly 530-898-4540 Anthropology Department
Whitchurch, Rene 530-898-4907 College of Agriculture
White, Durl G 530-898-5555 University Police
White, Katelyn D 530-898-5555 University Police
White, Rosemary K 530-898-5413 Graduate Studies
White, Sandi E 530-898-6541 University Police
Whiteside, Kathleen E 530-898-6463 Accounting Department
Whitley, April P. 530-898-6047 College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Whitmore, Kristin A 530-898-6439 Child Development Laboratory
Whitmore, Susan 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Whitney, Erin H 530-898-6129 School of Education
whittinghill, joshuah 530-898-4326 Technology and Learning Program
Wiesinger, Susan 530-898-4779 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Wiggins, Catherine 530-898-4466 College of Natural Sciences
Wiggins, Gregory D 530-898-3904 Facilities Management and Services
Wilder, Thomas J. 530-898-5376 Business Information Systems Department
Wildhaber, Betina D 530-898-5253 Career Center
Wildhaber, Steven 530-898-5464 International Education and Global Engagement
Wilke, Phillip 530-898-5896 North State Public Radio
Wilkerson, Richard 530-898-5937 Data Services
Wilking, Jennifer 530-898-5960 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Willadsen, Paul 530-898-5354 Facilities Management and Services
Willard, Eric 530-898-5233 Geological and Environmental Sciences Department
Willi, Megan M 530-898-6394 Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Williams, Christine 530-898-5338 Information Security
Williams, Dana M 530-898-5076 Sociology Department
Williams, Jay 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Williams, Kathy J 530-898-5031 Economics Department
Williams, Kim 530-898-6560 Provost Office
Williams, Olivia M 530-898-6811 Chico State Enterprises
Williamson, Genavra 530-898-6421 School of Education
Willis, Haley B 530-898-4277 Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Wills, Nathan A. 530-898-3082 Psychology Department
Wilson, Alex 530-898-4091 Communication Studies Program
Wilson, Ann 530-898-6523 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Wilson, Doug 530-898-5431 Business Information Technology Services
Wilson, Erin 530-898-5712 Academic Advising Programs
Wilson, Lauren S 530-898-5545 Sociology Department
Wilson, Thea M 530-898-3534 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Winch, Christopher M. 530-898-5624 Testing
Winchell, Quinn 530-898-6877 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Winslow, Rocky 530-898-3036 Music and Theatre Department
Wintrup, Geoffrey B 530-898-6102 University Communications
Wise, Erik M 530-898-3916 Facilities Management and Services
Withers, Mathew C 530-898-4093 Psychology Department
Witt, Christine 530-898-5199 Business Information Systems Department
Wittmeier, Russell A 530-898-5731 Chico State Enterprises
Wittnebel, Douglas S 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Wittsell, Ricky D. 530-898-6181 Biological Sciences Department
Wolcott, Sherrie Oilar 530-898-3483 Biological Sciences Department
Wold, Arienne K 530-898-5284 Payroll Services
Wolfe, Gordon V. 530-898-4256 Biological Sciences Department
Womack, Gayle A 530-898-4251 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Wong, Alexander E. 530-898-6695 Psychology Department
Wong, Eugene E 530-898-6117 Bus Reservations
Wong, Shelley M 530-898-6442 Computer Science Department
Wong, Wai-hung 530-898-5313 Philosophy Department
Wood, MaryLisa 530-898-5064 Student Financial Services
Wood, Sarah 530-898-4115 Office of Admissions
Woods, Leanne M 530-898-5859 Liberal Studies Advising
Woodward, Sheryl 530-898-6771 Human Resources Service Center
Wright, Danny 530-898-4036 Facilities Management and Services
Wright, Jason 530-898-5710 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Wright, Jenna M 530-898-6325 University Housing
Wright, Kendra K. 530-898-5396 Student Life and Leadership
Wright, Saundra K. 530-898-5124 English Department
Wright, Shawn 530-898-5790 Facilities Management and Services
Wright-Parrish, Jenna 530-898-3548 Facilities Management and Services
Wulferdingen, Catlin 530-898-3599 College of Business
Wunsch, Brian C 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Wylie, Alyson 530-898-3311 Center for Healthy Communities
Wyrick, Jed 530-898-6379 Comparative Religion and Humanities Department
Wysling, Robert 530-898-5230 University Public Engagement
Wysocki, Michelle 530-898-4933 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
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