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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'O'

Name Email Phone Department
Oakley, Stewart M. 530-898-5342 Civil Engineering Department
Obaidi, Ihsan 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Oberdorf, Reagan Shane 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
O'Brien, Matthew 530-898-5696 Anthropology Department
Ochoa, Rafael 530-898-5293 Wildcat Recreation Center
O'Connell, Marissa 530-898-6678 Office of Admissions
O'Connor, Dennis M. 530-898-4829 Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Department
Odom, Megan 530-898-5253 Career Center
O'Donnell, Jessica Anne 530-321-8219 University Advancement
Oelrichs, Amy 530-898-6592 Communication Studies Program
Oesau, Jeff 530-898-3606 Student Financial Services
Oesau, Kathryn E 530-898-3267 Marketing Department
Ohland, Angela 530-898-4257 Communication Studies Program
O'Kelley, Conner 530-898-6421 School of Education
Old, Brian A 530-332-8083 Construction Management Department
O'Leary, Connor N 530-898-5010 Butte Creek Ecological Preserve
Olejarczuk, Paul 530-898-5124 English Department
Olesen, Anna 530-898-3620 Media & Design Services
Olguin, Jeremy D 530-898-4863 Technology Equity and Inclusion
Oloff-Lewis, Jennifer 530-898-5184 School of Education
Olson, Brad 530-898-6343 University Farm
Olson, Greg 530-898-5317 Media & Design Services
Olson, Maria C. 530-898-6451 Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Olynyk, Coral L 530-898-5183 School of Nursing
Omarzai, Sherazkhan 530-898-3213 Physics Department
O'Neal, Gina 530-898-6336 Student Financial Services
Oney, Crystal 530-898-6768 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Oppy, Brian J. 530-898-6366 Psychology Department
Ordorica, Cheryl 530-898-3246 College of Communication and Education
Orellana, Ricardo A 530-898-6406 College of Agriculture
Orihuela Leon, Carolina R 530-898-6624 Classification & Compensation
Ormond, Rebecca 530-898-3303 Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department
Ornelas, Vincent 530-898-5445 School of Social Work
Ortega, Edith 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Ortega, Luis A. 530-898-3272 Center for Enterprise Systems and Informatics Research
Ortiz, Hunter L 530-898-6024 University Farm
Ortiz, John C 530-898-6241 Tribal Relations
Osby, Douglas H 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Osegueda, Laurel E 530-898-5555 University Police
Osorio, Gerardo 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Ospina Salcedo, Maria Ximena 530-898-5415 International Education and Global Engagement
Oster, Caroline 530-898-5235 School of Social Work
Ott, Lisa 530-898-6563 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Ott, Michelle 530-898-6878 Art and Art History Department
Ottem, Regina M. 530-898-3484 School of Nursing
Ottoboni, Brendan 530-898-5342 Civil Engineering Department
Ottoboni, Susan 530-898-6628 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Owen, Jennifer 530-898-6465 University Farm
Owens, Peter B 530-898-4416 Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics
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