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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'N'

Name Email Phone Department
Nakamura, Ayako 530-898-3036 Music and Theatre Department
Narad, Richard 530-898-5309 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Navarrete, Christopher J 530-898-3036 Music and Theatre Department
Navarro, Heidy Ramoncita 530-898-5872 Upward Bound
Naylor, Sydney A 530-898-6805 Nutrition and Food Science Department
Neal, Alex 530-898-6314 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Neal, Tracy B 530-898-3950 Management Department
Neddeau, Browning M 530-898-4227 School of Education
Needham, Randy 530-898-3849 Geographical Information Center
Negahban, Arash 530-898-6477 Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department
Nelsen, Jennifer 530-898-3259 Marketing Department
Nelson, Geoff Wilfred 530-898-4162 Bell Memorial Union Administration
Nelson, Jaime L. 530-898-6061 College of Natural Sciences
Nelson, Jim 530-898-3344 Enterprise Applications
Nelson, Linda C. 530-898-6751 Office of the Registrar
Nelson, Marshall Kekoa 530-342-1371 Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
Nelson, Nicholas J 530-898-3415 Physics Department
Nelson, Rebecca 530-898-5210 Faculty Development
Nenadal, Lindsey 530-898-5250 Child Development Department
Neumann, Mary 530-898-5961 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Nevarez, Holly 530-898-5309 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Newell, Patrick A 530-898-5394 Library Research, Instruction, and Outreach
Newland, Aubrey 530-898-4896 Kinesiology Department
Nice, Jason 530-898-6718 History Department
Nice, Laura E. 530-898-5534 Comparative Religion and Humanities Department
Nichols, Christopher J. 530-898-5290 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Nicodemus, Christopher 530-898-5555 University Police
Nicolay, Luke T 530-898-3036 Music and Theatre Department
Nies, Sean M 530-898-4308 Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Nigro-Dorton, Cosima J 530-898-6856 University Box Office
Nikbakht, Marzi 530-898-6243 University Budget Office
Nikolai, Ann 530-898-5858 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Nissen, Karen 530-898-5365 History Department
Nitzky, William D 530-898-4953 Anthropology Department
Nixon, Stephanie 530-898-3882 Facilities Management and Services
Noble, Skip 530-898-5007 Office of the CIO
Nodzak, Andrew J 530-898-3489 College of Natural Sciences
Noel, Samantha 530-898-4027 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Nomura, Kimihiko 530-898-6352 Languages and Cultures Department
Norris, James R 530-898-5446 University Farm
Noziska, Natalie M 530-898-5866 Accounts Payable
Nuester, Emily J. 530-898-6315 Biological Sciences Department
Nyby, Mathew T. 530-898-6619 Degree Audit Programming
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