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Faculty & Staff Listing for 'F'

Name Email Phone Department
Fabish, Lisa B. 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Fairbanks, Dean 530-898-5780 Geography and Environmental Studies Department
Fairchild, Caroline 530-898-3036 Music, Theatre, and Dance Department
Faith, Cassandra L. 530-898-5990 Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management Department
Fales, Scott 530-898-5856 University Farm
Faria, Brian M 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Farlow, Maggie M 530-898-5365 History Department
Farmer, Aaron D 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Farrell, Brenton 530-898-6797 English Department
Farrell, Courtney A 530-570-5342 Geographical Information Center
Farrer, Michelle 530-898-6421 School of Education
Farrington, Nathaniel J 530-898-3546 Wildcat Recreation Center
Farris, Danielle R 530-898-5241 WellCat Health Center
Farris, Preston J 530-898-4891 Computer Animation and Game Development Program
Fassieux, Tatiana 530-898-6717 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Feder-Sawyer, Amanda E 530-898-4779 Journalism and Public Relations Department
Fegley, Heather N 530-898-5708 Intercollegiate Athletics
Feher, Amelia A 530-898-6231 Business and Finance
Felipe, Donald L 530-898-6183 Philosophy Department
Felix, Patricia C 530-898-6728 Chico State Enterprises
Fenske, Julie 530-898-5082 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Ferguson, Catie 530-898-3245 University Advancement Services
Ferguson, Holly 530-898-6905 Provost Office
Ferguson, Shaina 530-898-6107 Professional & Continuing Education
Fernandes, Devin S 530-898-5737 Political Science and Criminal Justice Department
Fernandes, Kathy 530-898-3280 Academic Technology
Fernandez, Cinthya 530-898-6196 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Fernandez, Dani 530-898-6579 First-Year Experience Program
Fernandez, Morgan Lea 530-898-3683 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Ferris, Daisy S 530-898-3853 Humanities and Fine Arts Student Success Studio
Feulner, Danielle 530-898-5010 Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
Fichtner, Friederike 530-898-4479 Languages and Cultures Department
Fieldsted, Jerry 530-898-4134 Provost Office
Fierro, Danielle 530-898-3350 AS Dining Services
Fierro, Tony 530-898-6681 Enterprise Applications
Fintel, Erik 530-898-3850 Geographical Information Center
Fisher, Kristen M 530-898-3502 Wildcat Recreation Center
Fishkin, Michael D. mdfishkin@csuchico.edfu 530-898-5896 North State Public Radio
Fishman, Darwin 530-898-4774 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Flanagan, Cassie 530-898-4432 Associated Students Financial Services
Flannery, Diana 530-898-4993 Public Health and Health Services Administration Department
Fleming, Eric W 530-898-4036 Facilities Management and Services
Flores, Anna 530-898-5712 Academic Advising Programs
Flowerdew, Michele 530-898-4916 Chico State Enterprises
Fluhr, Tim 530-898-4244 Library Systems Office
Fogel, Brian L. 530-898-5123 Intercollegiate Athletics
Fomin, Sergei 530-898-5274 Mathematics and Statistics Department
Foor, Crystal 530-898-4385 Associated Students Human Resources
Forberg, Erin 530-898-6839 Student Learning Center
Forberg, James Edward 530-898-6399 Chico State Enterprises
Forman, Diana 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Forsythe, Carli 530-898-6720 Chico State Enterprises
Fosen, Christian 530-898-5124 English Department
Foxworthy, Emily A 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Francis, Robert S. 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Franco, Katia Samoilova 530-898-6307 Philosophy Department
Frank, Dawn T. 530-898-6839 Student Learning Center
Franklin, Connor 530-898-5323 Center for Healthy Communities
Franklin, Matthew E 530-898-3374 Classroom Technology Services
Franklin, Valerie J 530-898-5086 Passages-Adult Resource Center
Franks, Karen 530-898-4633 Chico State Enterprises
Franks, Matthew W 530-898-5857 English Department
Franquet, Claudine 530-898-5551 Technology and Learning Program
Frawley, Susan C 530-898-4136 Multicultural & Gender Studies Department
Frazer, Cody S 530-898-4717 Biological Sciences Department
Freebird, Cedar 530-898-6173 AS Dining Services
Freitas, Bret 530-898-4458 Telecommunications Services
Friedrich, Stephen 530-898-6222 Facilities Management and Services
Frisbee, Laura 530-898-3884 Facilities Management and Services
Fuller, Cathy 530-898-5126 Environmental Health & Safety
Fuller, Elizabeth A. 530-898-5147 Psychology Department
Funk, Ember 530-898-5638 Child Development Laboratory
Funk, Jenny 530-898-6171 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Funk, Joshua M 530-898-5331 Art and Art History Department
Furumi, Marian W 530-342-1371 Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
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