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WellCat Health Center (WCHC)

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Name Title Email Phone
Satia Sisay Interim Executive Director 530-898-6075
Eri Roman Administrative Coordinator 530-898-6056
Cathy Turner Medical Billing & Budget Analyst 530-898-4564
Anel Anderson Lead Pharmacist 530-898-3044
Julie J Castellano Lead RN 530-898-5241
Monica Jazzabi Lead Physician 530-898-3118
Angelica N LaBrue Lead, Medical Records and Scheduling 530-898-3325
Margo Schneringer Laboratory Lead 530-898-6064
Heather Swenson Lead Medical Assistant 530-898-5241
Azucena Alvarado Llamas Phlebotomist 530-898-6064
Rosemary I Balbiani Clinical Assistant 530-898-5241
Cynthia Y Cabrera Medical Assistant 530-898-5241
Aaron D Farmer Physician Assistant 530-898-5241
Danielle R Farris Family Nurse Practitioner 530-898-5241
Natalie Garcia Clinical Assistant 530-898-5241
John Gunel Physician 530-898-5241
Cindy M Hale Physician Assistant 530-898-5241
Dannielle O Harwood Physician 530-898-5241
Jennifer L Hopkins Nurse Practitioner 530-898-5241
Laura Ibarra LVN Immunization Specialist 530-898-3319
Patty Jerez Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6060
Miranda L Jordan Pharmacy Technician 530-898-6441
Jackie M Ortiz Medical Assistant 530-898-5241
Katie M Sadrin Phlebotomist 530-898-6064
Tricia N Sahai X-Ray Technician 530-898-6063
Margaret P So Pharmacist 530-898-6441
Maria A Tovar Health Information Reception 530-898-6060
Maria Vang Medical Assistant 530-898-5241
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University Information

California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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Emergency Service
9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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