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University Police (UP)

Department Info

Campus Zip


Name Title Email Phone
Christopher Nicodemus Chief of Police 530-898-5555
Bryce Davison Lieutenant 530-898-5555
Christopher Shippen Lieutenant 530-898-5555
David Bird Sergeant 530-898-5555
Dale Glander Sergeant 530-898-5555
Bill Kolb Sergeant 530-898-5555
Durl G White Sergeant 530-898-5555
Anthony G Baleto Police Officer 530-898-5555
Kimberly Crook Police Officer 530-898-5555
Haley M Gilham Police Officer 530-898-5555
Jared L Gleason Police Officer 530-898-5555
Zachary M Gleason Police Officer 530-898-5555
Andrea M Montgomery Police Officer 530-898-5555
Reis G Noel Police Officer 530-898-5555
Jason Plainer Police Officer 530-898-5555
Sierra Skye Metz Dispatcher 530-898-5555
Kyle Potter Police Officer 530-898-5555
Alex Scott Police Officer 530-898-5555
John Serger Police Officer 530-898-5555
Jayden E Anderson Police Officer (Cadet) 530-898-5555
Leon Mai Police Officer (Cadet) 530-898-5555
Shelley L Keener Communications, Records, and Property Analyst 530-898-4034
Sandi E White Confidential Support 530-898-6231
Lesley Curry Community Service Specialist 530-898-5555
Katelyn D White Community Service Specialist 530-898-5555
Randi L Brewster Dispatcher 530-898-5555
Emily A Mcfarren Dispatcher 530-898-5555
Gina M Marr Dispatcher 530-898-5555
Leslie Salinas Garcia Dispatcher 530-898-5555
Ernesto R Avina Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Jessica A Carbajal Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Sophia C Edwards Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Rubi D Lupercio Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Jenna N Nelson Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Ashley M Ochoa Valadez Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Laurel E Osegueda Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Nathan D Polhemus Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Andrew M Reguera Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Robert C Rohlfes Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Tommy L Yu Community Service Officer 530-898-5555
Alphabetical Listings
University Information

California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
Campus Organizational Chart

Emergency Service
9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

Important Numbers

Prefix & Area Code:

Campus Information:

Campus Fax Number:

Health & Safety Concerns:

IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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