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Office of the Registrar (REGS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Michael C Dills-Allen University Registrar 530-898-5142
Charlene Armitage Assistant Registrar 530-898-5957
Richard E Carrillo Assistant Registrar 530-898-4179
Michelle C Holmes Assistant Registrar 530-898-5142
Jennifer L Aceves Academic Scheduling and APDB Specialist 530-898-4688
Zena A Chan Curriculum/Articulation Analyst 530-898-5410
Mariam S Chatila Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Beth DiMaggio Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Holly S Ferguson Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-4158
Meredith Huddleson Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5142
Larry A Langwell Coordinator 530-898-5911
Ronjanee Tt Lillard Public Contact Specialist 530-898-5142
Karel D Llamas Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Kiley L Logsdon Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Tang Lor Catalog Editor 530-898-4159
Kara M Maas Articulation Officer 530-898-4280
Cinnamon D McDonald Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Greg Morales III Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5142
Linda C. Nelson Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-6751
Mathew T. Nyby Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-6619
Michael C Pratt Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5142
Aimee Sayer Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5142
Robert R Snoberger Veterans Certifying Official 530-898-5911
Cheryl Sprague Graduation Advisor 530-898-5957
Erin A Tarabini Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-6632
Azucena Vargas Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5142
Chieng Kham Vue Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-5085
Yue Yu Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-3553
Annalisse de Vroome Office Coordinator 530-898-5106
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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Emergency Service
9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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