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Psychology Department (PSYC)

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Name Title Email Phone
Linda M. Kline Chair 530-898-5147
Jill Emanuel Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5147
Kelly Simons Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5147
David R. Hibbard Graduate Coordinator 530-898-5430
Daniel L. Worthen Undergraduate Coordinator 530-898-5363
Juliet R Bartel Faculty 530-898-3082
William Battinich Faculty 530-898-3082
Theodore S. Bell Faculty 530-898-6366
Margaret M. Bierly Faculty 530-898-5377
Patrick Borel Faculty 530-898-6204
Kristine Caldwell Staff 530-898-5147
Michael C. Carroll Faculty 530-898-6934
Katherine S. Cushing Faculty 530-898-3082
Mary A Dolan Faculty 530-898-4377
Michael P. Ennis Faculty 530-898-4963
Brandon C Fry Faculty 530-898-4963
Patrick N. Gantt Staff 530-898-4924
Steven R. Hall Faculty 530-898-3082
Keith S Harris Faculty 530-898-6934
Lawrence G. Herringer Faculty 530-898-4803
David R. Hibbard Coordinator and Advisor 530-898-5430
Kyle Horst Faculty 530-898-5368
Leesa V. Huang Coordinator and Advisor 530-898-5164
Jessica M Jackson Faculty 530-898-5908
Patrick S Johnson Faculty 530-898-3098
Mariah Kornbluh Faculty 530-898-6695
Adelaide Kreamer Faculty 530-898-5908
Donna D Kreskey Faculty 530-898-5258
Penelope L. Kuhn Faculty 530-898-6750
Dave Levy Faculty 530-898-5147
Scott C. Lewis Faculty 530-898-6262
Marie Lippmann Faculty 530-898-5281
Peter A. Lopez Coordinator and Advisor 530-898-5292
Matthew P McLaughlin Faculty 530-898-5164
Terry M. Miller-Herringer Faculty 530-898-4377
Joel A. Minden Faculty 530-898-6262
Noretta Monroe Faculty 530-898-6934
Brian J. Oppy Faculty 530-898-4609
David Philhour Staff 530-898-4127
Arthur R. Sanchez Faculty 530-898-6760
Dory A. Schachner Faculty 530-898-5377
Neil H. Schwartz Faculty 530-898-4968
Cindy E. Selby Faculty 530-898-6366
Theodore M. Singelis Faculty 530-898-4009
Kathleen R Smith Faculty 530-898-3082
Llael V Valle Faculty 530-898-6934
Martin CJ Van den Berg Faculty 530-898-3472
David J. Winzenz Faculty 530-898-5264
Mathew C Withers Faculty 530-898-4093
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