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Political Science and Criminal Justice Department (POLS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Jennifer Wilking Chair 530-898-6506
Liz Wasinger Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5301
Michelle Wysocki Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5301
Ginger M Alonso Faculty 530-898-5301
Sally A. Anderson Legal Studies Intern Coordinator 530-898-6478
Maitreya Badami Faculty 530-898-4394
Ariane Belanger-Vincent Faculty 530-898-4038
Noelle Brimlow Ferdon Faculty 530-898-3465
Michael Coyle Faculty 530-898-5692
John Crosby Faculty 530-898-3069
Diana Dwyre Faculty 530-898-3132
Devin S Fernandes Faculty 530-898-5737
Angela Gapa Faculty 530-898-5140
Darin Haerle Associate Chair 530-898-5960
Adam C Irish Faculty 530-898-6036
Amy M Magnus Faculty 530-898-4950
James McKenna Faculty 530-342-5736
Meagan Meloy Faculty 530-898-4966
Anne V Moore Faculty 530-898-4935
Eileen M. Morris Faculty 530-898-4952
Sherrow O. Pinder Faculty 530-898-6041
Gwen M Ricordeau Faculty 530-898-4935
Michelle Rose Faculty 530-898-5335
Craig Scarpelli Faculty 530-898-4966
Doris Schartmueller Criminal Justice Coordinator 530-898-5204
Diane E. Schmidt Faculty 530-898-6176
Nicole Marie Sherman MA Graduate Coordinator 530-898-4965
Sarah M Smith Faculty 530-898-4951
Katy Sylvia Faculty 530-898-5736
Matthew O. Thomas Faculty 530-898-6171
Charles C. Turner MPA Graduate Coordinator 530-898-6489
Paul Viotti Public Administration Coordinator 530-898-4964
Lori M. Weber Faculty 530-898-4504
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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530-898-HELP (4357)


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