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Management Department (MGMT)

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Name Title Email Phone
Kim Hinrichs Chair 530-898-5663
Nina Tsoi Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5663
David L Agoff Lecturer 530-898-5663
Randall Scott Bettencourt Lecturer 530-898-3408
Charles D. Cambridge Professor Emeritus 530-898-5888
Angela M. Casler Lecturer 530-898-4066
R. Mitch Casselman Professor 530-898-3271
Seung Hoon Danny Chung Assistant Professor 530-898-4824
June Covington Lecturer 530-898-3309
Sharon DB Crawford Lecturer 619-985-4400
John Crosthwaite Lecturer 530-898-3036
William Dantona Lecturer 530-898-3738
Kelly L Graves Lecturer 530-321-5309
David Halimi Lecturer 530-898-5663
John Jack Hames Lecturer 530-898-3261
Kim Hinrichs Professor 530-898-6826
Julie Indvik Professor Emerita 530-898-3260
Ghadir S Ishqaidef Associate Professor 530-898-5939
Hyunjung Kim Professor 530-898-4835
Sarah Kimakwa Assistant Professor 530-898-3227
Sue Maligie Lecturer 530-898-4831
Matt B. McLaughlin Lecturer 530-321-4874
Maria Mendez Associate Professor 530-898-4827
John C Meyer Lecturer 530-898-3361
Sean Morgan Lecturer 530-898-5138
Tracy B Neal Lecturer 530-898-3950
Bonnie Persons Associate Professor 530-898-4735
Michael Polsan Lecturer 530-898-3261
David R. Rahn Lecturer 530-898-4832
Michael Rehg Professor 530-898-6395
Patricia A Savage Lecturer 530-898-3950
Eva L Shepherd-Nicoll Lecturer 530-898-4821
Jeff W. Trailer Professor 530-898-4302
Carol L Trivedi Lecturer 530-898-3284
Suzanne L. Zivnuska Associate Dean 530-898-6272
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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530-898-HELP (4357)


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