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Mathematics and Statistics Department (MATH)

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Name Title Email Phone
Guillermo C Alesandroni Assistant Professor 530-898-6111
Ashley L Bolstad Lecturer 530-898-6111
Colette Calmelet Associate Professor 530-898-6895
Talwinder Chetra Lecturer 530-898-4403
Michael J Coons Associate Professor 530-898-6111
Donna L. Deems Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5063
Robin Donatello Associate Professor 530-898-5767
Sergei Fomin Professor 530-898-5274
Jay Donald Gatton Lecturer 530-898-6311
Katharine Gray Professor 530-898-4095
Jing Guo Assistant Professor 530-898-6562
LaDawn Haws Professor Emerita 530-898-6111
Christine A Herrera Associate Professor 530-898-5492
John Lind Associate Professor 530-898-5271
Brian Lindaman Professor 530-898-4107
Nicholas Lytal Associate Professor 530-898-3141
M.E. Matthews Assistant Professor 530-898-5469
Thomas Mattman Professor 530-898-5603
Allison McConnell Lecturer 530-898-4102
Kevin McGown Chair 530-898-4083
Jennifer McKee Advisor 530-898-3487
Adam W Meyer Lecturer 530-898-6111
Dustin R. Paisley Lecturer 530-898-4403
Maranda N Porter Lecturer 530-898-6111
Katie Raymond Lecturer 530-898-4904
Vladimir Rosenhaus Professor 530-898-4108
Edward A Roualdes Associate Professor 530-898-5807
Stacey E Shadoan Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4058
Ann Steckel Lecturer 530-898-4402
Kat L Strand Associate Professor 530-898-5472
Stephen R Strand Assistant Professor 530-898-5800
Daniel Vallieres Associate Professor 530-898-5490
Kao C Vang Faculty 530-898-6111
Moua Xiong Lecturer 530-898-5345
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