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Mathematics and Statistics Department (MATH)

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Name Title Email Phone
Richard L. Ford Chair 530-898-6111
Pamela Morrell Advisor 530-898-3487
Heather L Kilcoyne Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-3485
Monya A Robicheau Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5505
Jenavieve E Turner Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6111
Billie Archuleta Lecturer 530-898-4401
Paul L Bailey Lecturer 530-898-5585
Jorgen J. Berglund Faculty 530-898-5350
Richard P. Bigler Lecturer 530-898-6311
Colette Calmelet Faculty 530-898-6895
Richard W. Campbell Lecturer 530-898-4403
Nancy J. Carter Faculty 530-898-6562
Talwinder Chetra Lecturer 530-898-5518
Richard Danner Lecturer 530-898-6329
Sanjay Dev Lecturer 530-898-5518
Robin Donatello Faculty 530-898-5767
Kathryn T. Early Lecturer 530-898-4904
Sergei Fomin Faculty 530-898-5274
Katharine Gray Faculty 530-898-4095
William R Grenard Teaching Associate 530-898-4175
LaDawn Haws Faculty 530-898-5271
Christine A Herrera Faculty 530-898-5492
Sophy Huck Lecturer 530-898-4401
Steven R Huff Lecturer 530-898-6311
Laurie A. Kincheloe Lecturer 530-898-4102
John Lind Faculty 530-898-5508
Brian Lindaman Faculty 530-898-4107
Christopher Marks Faculty 530-898-5063
M.E. Matthews Faculty 530-898-5469
Thomas Mattman Faculty 530-898-5603
Mark R. Mavis Lecturer 530-898-5518
Susan McElwain Lecturer 530-898-3141
Kevin McGown Faculty 530-898-4083
Adam Meyer Lecturer 530-898-6329
Dustin R. Paisley Lecturer 530-898-4403
Katie Raymond Lecturer 530-898-4904
Teresa M Richards Lecturer 530-898-4175
Vladimir Rosenhaus Faculty 530-898-4108
Edward A Roualdes Faculty 530-898-5807
Rachel Schleiger Lecturer 530-898-5356
C. Darryl Smith Lecturer 530-898-4102
Ann Steckel Lecturer 530-898-3141
Krista L Strand Faculty 530-898-5472
Stephen R Strand Faculty 530-898-5800
Duke Sun Lecturer 530-898-3239
Daniel Vallieres Faculty 530-898-5490
Moua Xiong Lecturer 530-898-5345
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