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Information Systems, Finance, and Accounting Department (ISFA)

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Name Title Email Phone
Emily Huang Interim Chair 530-898-5773
Crystal Gervasi Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5773
Saurav Dutta Accounting Program Director 530-898-5421
Kristina D Brown Advisor 530-898-4480
Fariba Aminalroayae Lecturer 530-898-6927
Jaycob A Arbogast Lecturer 530-898-5920
Harish Bahl Professor 530-898-4545
Dalen Chiang Professor 530-898-5302
James R. Connolly Professor 530-898-4834
Amy Griffin Lecturer 530-898-3636
Michael Griffin Lecturer 530-898-5773
John Jack Hames Lecturer 530-898-3261
Jianliang Hao Assistant Professor 530-898-5199
Jessica L Henry Lecturer 530-898-4830
Emily Huang Associate Professor 530-898-6188
Aaron A Johnson Lecturer 530-898-4830
Pamela Keller Lecturer 530-898-5773
Marsha L Lauck Lecturer 530-898-6416
Nick Lynch Professor 530-898-6963
Qingzhong Ma Associate Professor 530-898-6182
Sue Maligie Lecturer 530-898-4831
Parand Mansouri-Rad Assistant Professor 530-898-6405
Arash Negahban Associate Professor 530-898-6477
Paule Pobloske Lecturer 530-898-6359
Richard R. Ponarul Professor 530-898-5773
Richard Ray Professor 530-898-4823
David Rowe Lecturer 530-898-4830
Kent Sandoe Professor 530-898-4822
Jaebong Son Associate Professor 530-898-6747
Robert F Sprague Lecturer 530-898-6124
Stephen Treanor Professor 530-898-6403
Carol L Trivedi Lecturer 530-898-3284
Xinyu Wei Assistant Professor 530-898-3235
Wei Athena Zhang Associate Professor 530-898-6544
Fang Zhao Assistant Professor 530-898-6203
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