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Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (CHEM)

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Name Title Email Phone
Randy M. Miller Chair 530-898-5290
Mary A. Brownell Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5280
Rana Marshall Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5259
Blain Wells Lead Stockroom Technician 530-898-6376
Rachel Colonna Stockroom Technician 530-898-3419
Alex Neal Stockroom Technician 530-898-3419
Tiffani Anderson Lecturer 530-898-5524
Carolynn Arpin Professor 530-898-5929
David B. Ball Professor 530-898-6496
Jana L. Burgess-Henry Lecturer 530-898-5524
Courtney J Chatha Lecturer 530-898-6793
Daniel D. Clark Professor 530-898-5251
Daniel J. Edwards Professor 530-898-5226
Daniel A Everson Professor 530-898-5728
Danielle Gray Lecturer 530-898-5649
Julianne R Green Lecturer 530-898-5439
Tina R Hanson Lecturer 530-898-6254
S. Luke Hillyard Lecturer 530-898-5754
Ryan Jones Lecturer 530-898-5649
Lisa K Kendhammer Professor 530-898-5353
Larry L. Kirk Professor 530-898-6254
Devin McBain Lecturer 530-898-5649
Barbara O. Mejia Professor 530-898-5439
Christopher J. Nichols Professor 530-898-5541
Jochen Nuester Lecturer 530-898-3461
Lisa Ott Professor 530-898-6563
James M. Postma Professor 530-898-5159
Emily Shaffer Lecturer 530-898-5754
Sisarie L Sherry Lecturer 530-898-6793
Monica So Professor 530-898-6554
Karl R Voigtritter Lecturer 530-898-5649
Erik Wasinger Professor 530-898-5651
Jamie D Wenham Lecturer 530-898-6793
Jinsong Zhang Professor 530-898-5622
Randall von Wedel Visiting Scholar 530-898-5259
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