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Center for Healthy Communities (CHC)

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Name Title Email Phone
Stephanie Bianco Director 530-898-4022
Kristin Gruneisen Director 530-898-6476
Amie Riesen Assistant Director 530-898-3571
Karina Apodaca German Program Manager 530-345-9749
Bruce Avila-Yepez Program Manager 530-898-5323
Chrystina M Bello Program Administration Manager 530-898-5323
Michele Buran Program Manager 530-898-4318
Noelle M DiSano Program Manager 530-898-5323
Jennifer K Dye Program Manager 530-898-3572
Emily A Foxworthy Program Manager 530-898-5323
Connor Franklin Program Administration Manager 530-898-5323
Amy K Gonzales Program Manager 530-898-3572
Tiffany Greer Program Manager 530-898-5323
Sheena Gruenberg Program Manager 530-898-5678
Angela Haggerty Office Services Manager 530-898-5323
Michelle L Harris Program Manager 530-898-5323
Hayley A Heino Research Manager 530-898-5323
Natalie M Jensen Program Manager 530-898-5323
Kathleen M Johnson Program Administration Manager 530-898-3576
Pamela Suzanne Kochems Program Administration Manager 530-898-5323
Aaron R Kunst Program Manager 530-898-6752
Claire Elizabeth Kutil Program Administration Manager 530-898-5323
Kelsey M Kyllonen Research Manager 530-898-5323
Samantha Line Program Manager 530-898-5323
Gabrielle L Lofink Program Manager 530-898-5323
Maizong Lor Office Services Manager 530-898-5323
Spencer T Malugani Program Manager 530-345-9749
Sheila McQuaid Program Manager 530-898-3574
Jessica Medina Program Manager 530-898-5323
Marisela Mendez Program Manager 530-898-5323
Saul L Mooradian Research Manager 530-898-5323
Jennifer Murphy Program Manager 530-898-4318
Tracy M Nunez-Mercado Program Manager 530-898-5323
Joanna P Rodriguez-Bahena Program Manager 530-898-5323
Andrea C Rosales Program Manager 530-898-4291
OSCAR SANDOVAL Program Manager 530-898-5323
Brittany M Saephan Program Administration Manager 530-898-5315
Brandi N Simonaro Program Manager 530-898-5442
Gina M Sims Program Manager 530-898-5323
Skyla J Smith Design & Marketing Manager 530-898-5323
Naomi E Stamper Program Administration Manager 530-898-5315
Alexei Taisler Office Services Manager 530-898-5323
Ginnie T Tran Program Manager 530-898-5323
Guadalupe Valdivia-Perez Research Manager 530-898-5323
Ma Lai Vue Program Manager 530-898-5442
Addison Walsh Program Manager 530-898-5323
Natalie F Windt Design & Marketing Manager 530-898-5323
Alyson Wylie Program Manager 530-898-3311
Che Yang Program Manager 530-898-6752
Thou Yang Office Services Manager 530-898-5323
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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9-1-1 From any phone

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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