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Center for Healthy Communities (CHC)

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Name Title Email Phone
Stephanie Bianco Director 530-898-4022
Kristin Gruneisen Director 530-898-6476
Amie Riesen Assistant Director 530-898-3571
Karina Apodaca German Health Education Specialist 530-345-9749
Rebecca Berner Health Education Specialist 530-898-5323
Michele Buran Physical Activity Specialist 530-898-4318
Jennifer K Dye Nutrition Education Specialist 530-898-3572
Emily A Foxworthy Health Education Specialist 530-898-5323
Amy K Gonzales Nutrition Education Specialist 530-898-3572
Sheena Gruenberg Production Manager 530-898-5678
Angela L Haggerty Administrative Assistant 530-898-5323
Michelle L Harris Nutrition Education Specialist 530-898-5323
Natalie M Jensen Health Education Specialist 530-898-5323
Kathleen M Johnson Business Systems Analyst 530-898-3576
Aaron R Kunst Health Education Specialist 530-898-6752
Gabrielle L Lofink Business Systems Analyst 530-898-5323
Spencer T Malugani Health Education Specialist 530-345-9749
Sheila McQuaid Health Education Specialist 530-898-3574
Jennifer Murphy Nutrition Education Specialist 530-898-4318
Andrea C Rosales Health Education Specialist 530-898-4291
Brittany M Saephan Business Systems Analyst 530-898-5323
Brandi N Simonaro Health Education Specialist 530-898-5442
Naomi E Stamper Business Systems Analyst 530-898-5315
Melissa Stearns Health Education Specialist 530-898-5675
Priya Trivedi Nutrition Education Specialist 530-898-5675
Ma Lai Vue Health Education Specialist 530-898-5442
Alyson Wylie Health Education Specialist 530-898-3311
Che Yang Health Education Specialist 530-898-6752
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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