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Biological Sciences Department (BIOL)

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Office Hours
8:00am - 5:00pm
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Name Title Email Phone
Kristopher A. Blee Chair 530-898-5116
Sandra S Scholten Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5356
Sherrie Oilar Wolcott Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-3483
Angela Alger Lecturer 530-898-3061
Juan Araujo Sarinana Lecturer 530-898-5589
Jeffrey R. Bell Professor 530-898-5371
Elizabeth A Bianchini Lecturer 530-898-6099
Ava Biscoe Teaching Associate 530-898-5356
Antonietta G Brocksen Instructional Support Technician 530-898-3510
Becki Brunelli Lecturer 530-898-6181
Sarah E Cline Lecturer 530-898-6099
Troy D Cline Professor 530-898-4123
Gerald Cobian Assistant Professor 530-898-5341
Robert A Dubie Lecturer 530-898-5846
Adrienne L. Edwards Lecturer 530-898-5861
Tag N. Engstrom Professor 530-898-6748
Cody S Frazer Lecturer 530-898-4717
Kati Geszvain Assistant Professor 530-898-6254
Kristen F Gorman Associate Professor 530-898-5539
Robert J Griffin-Nolan Assistant Professor 530-898-3610
Colleen A. Hatfield Professor 530-898-4235
Shaine M Hill Instructional Support Technician 530-898-5121
Christopher Ivey Professor 530-898-5812
Lawrence Janeway Staff 530-898-5381
David M. Keller Professor 530-898-5040
Gary A. Lechner Lecturer 530-898-5846
Jeff Mabry Lecturer 530-898-4717
Donald G. Miller Professor 530-898-6153
Emily J. Nuester Professor 530-898-6315
Kodeeswaran Parameshwaran Associate Professor 530-898-4436
Kathryn A Ronan Instructional Support Technician 530-898-6217
Meghan M Sleeper Teaching Associate 530-898-5356
Mary K. Smith Stockroom Technician 530-898-4810
Mary K. Smith Lecturer 530-898-4490
Caylin R Stanley Instructional Support Assistant 530-898-5356
Kirstie B Steiner Instructional Support Technician 530-898-3510
Betsey M. Tamietti Lecturer 530-898-6917
Betsey M. Tamietti Instructional Support Technician 530-898-6917
Sophia L Thao Teaching Associate 530-898-3242
Molly M Tuttle Teaching Associate 530-898-5356
Ricky D. Wittsell Lecturer 530-898-6181
Gordon V. Wolfe Professor 530-898-4256
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