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Intercollegiate Athletics (ATHL)

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Name Title Email Phone
Anita S. Barker Athletic Director 530-898-6470
Brian Ceccon Assistant Athletic Director 530-898-6470
Greg G. Clink Head Men's Basketball Coach 530-898-5160
Colin Coughenour Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 530-898-4487
Antone S. Curtis Athletic Equipment Room Technician 530-898-5370
Leonardo Dominguez Assistant Athletic Trainer 530-898-5873
Heather N Fegley Head Women's Golf Coach 530-898-5708
Brian L. Fogel Head Women's Basketball Coach 530-898-5123
Thomas Gott Head Volleyball Coach 530-898-6180
Nick Green Head Women's Golf Coach 530-898-6609
Halie Hall Assistant Athletic Trainer 530-898-5873
Oliver Hanf Head Men's Track & Field Coach 530-898-5735
Rick Hoskin Sports Information Director 530-898-2287
Cayden Jones Assistant Sports Information Director 530-898-4658
Ellie Larronde Advancement Director 530-898-6470
Kyle J Medina Athletic Compliance Coordinator 530-898-6470
Heather Mutony Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-3557
Felipe Restrepo Head Men's Soccer Coach 530-898-6810
Angel Shamblin Head Softball Coach 530-898-4685
Kim Sutton Head Women's Soccer Coach 530-898-6085
Devin Tacla Head Athletic Trainer 530-898-5873
Dave M. Taylor Head Baseball Coach 530-898-4374
Gary W. Towne Head Men's & Women's Cross Country Coach 530-898-4955
Chloe Tripp Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-6470
Reshawna Valentine Assistant Athletic Trainer 530-898-5873
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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