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AS Dining Services (ASDS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Thomas Lindsley Rider Interim Director 530-898-3630
Armando Antonio Abrahams Cook 530-898-5268
William E Baker Staff 530-898-5268
Joe Bassett Residential Dining Manager 530-898-4815
David G Bracy Staff 530-898-5268
Shawn Cambra Staff 530-898-6418
Darlene Chester Convenience Store Manager 530-898-5947
Danny Chu Supervisor 530-898-6418
Marissa Duch Supervisor 530-898-6704
Jennifer Dunham Staff 530-898-6418
Cedar Freebird Cook 530-898-6418
Duncan Govan Staff 530-898-6418
Scott Harrison Retail Manager 530-898-4541
Cindy Haws Dining Services Accounting Assistant 530-898-5962
Adam Robert Holck Cook 530-898-3052
Andrew P Holihan Cook 530-898-6418
Tanner Livingston Hord Cook 530-898-6418
Corinne Knapp Associate Dining Director 530-898-3680
Suzi Kritikos Assistant Residential Dining Manager 530-898-3170
James Lehr Staff 530-898-5799
Ulani Averi Lozano Staff 530-898-3170
Jesse McEckron Staff 530-898-6418
Galen McGrew Supervisor 530-898-5268
Carrie Lynn Nocero Staff 530-898-6418
Aric Obayashi Supervisor 530-898-6704
Dan Ondracek Staff 530-898-6418
Matt Richter Coordinator 530-898-5268
Christine Robertson Cook 530-898-6418
David Rodriguez Staff 530-898-6418
Colton Rogers Cook 530-898-6418
Deanne Smith Supervisor 530-898-3170
Brian Thompson Supervisor 530-898-6418
Jared Tyler Vanderhyde Staff 530-898-6418
Ramona Wagner Assistant Residential Dining Manager 530-898-3170
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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