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College of Agriculture (AGR)

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Name Title Email Phone
David M. Hassenzahl Interim Dean 530-898-6121
Kevin Patton Interim Associate Dean 530-898-6121
Ricardo A Orellana Administrator 530-898-6406
Mary A. Brownell Admin Analyst/Specialist 530-898-4753
Eric E. Houk Program Coordinator 530-898-4146
Lisa A Abellana Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-6465
Lee S. Altier Professor Emeritus 530-898-4137
Mollie S. Aschenbrener MS Education Coordinator 530-898-4568
Tatevik Avetisyan Faculty 530-898-5404
Blake T. Bailey Faculty 530-898-5844
Kathleen L. Berry-Garrett Staff 530-898-4530
Betsy A. Boyd Faculty 530-898-6879
Mackenzie Bressler External Relations Director 530-898-3737
Whitney B Brim-DeForest Faculty 530-898-6343
Jake N. Brimlow Faculty 530-898-4250
Joshua J. Brownfield Faculty 530-898-6802
Dustin W Bush Associate Director of Development 530-898-6605
Karla J Caldera Faculty 530-898-5844
Clay D. Carlson Faculty 530-898-6694
Christine L Carroll Faculty 530-898-5406
Denise Crosswhite Advising and Retention Specialist 530-898-5906
Cindy A. Daley Faculty 530-898-6280
Marnie R. Dalton Faculty 530-898-5404
Kasey L. DeAtley Faculty 530-898-5112
Rebecca A Dykes Faculty 530-898-5844
Mina Hejazi Faculty 530-898-5466
Thomas M Henderson Faculty 530-898-6531
Amy K. Howard-Houk Faculty 530-898-5733
Lijiao Hu Faculty 530-898-5449
Jamal Javanmardi Faculty 530-898-5723
Lindsey K Jeffery Student Success Advisor 530-898-4262
Gregory B Jones Jr Faculty 530-898-6530
Garrett C Liles Faculty 530-898-4642
Ana Medic Faculty 530-898-5452
Kate A. Moore Faculty 530-898-5455
Jacqueline Park Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-3468
Celina R. Phillips Faculty 530-898-4147
Rich C. Rosecrance Faculty 530-898-5699
Alyssa A. Schager Faculty 530-898-6250
Charles R. Sellers Staff 530-898-4648
Logan B Smith Faculty 530-898-4539
Baohui Song Faculty 530-898-3056
Erik W Spitzer Faculty 530-898-5844
Patricia P Stock Faculty 530-898-4120
Dana J Thomas Faculty 530-898-5844
Jessica M Toombs Faculty 530-898-3578
Grazyne Tresoldi Faculty 530-898-5447
Priya Marie Tuvell Faculty 530-898-6280
Crystal M Waters Faculty 530-898-4649
Clara Xu Faculty 530-898-4908
Hossein Zakeri Faculty 530-898-5753
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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