School of Nursing: Self-Evaluation Calculator

Use of this tool is for self-evaluation purposes only. No information is collected from this tool. Requirements and offical points will be calculated upon submission of your supplemental nursing application. An application for the School of Nursing is still required, and final admission is subject to School of Nursing committee decision.

The CSU Chico, School of Nursing point system is used to determine eligibility for admissions. This site is a tool to assit prospective students in assessing eligibility prior to submitting a School of Nursing application. For full details and requirements, please visit the School of Nursing Homepage.

Because of a long history of having many more applicants than can be accommodated, admission to the CSU, Chico School of Nursing is impacted, and supplemental selection criteria (points) are used to determine eligibility for admission. Applicants with the highest number of points are selected for admission. 100 points total are possible (60% grades, 20% TEAS, 20% other).

  • The Point System calculator consists of 9 requirement areas.
  • Complete each area in order to determine your eligibility points total
  • Refer to the School of Nursing Homepage for complete information about requirements and point calculations.
  • A point summary may be printed from the Summary page and retained for your reference.