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University Housing (UHFS)

Department Info

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Name Title Email Phone
Ashley A Addington Custodian 530-898-3172
Jacob P. Allen Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-5354
Herman Allmaras Lead Custodian 530-898-5656
Darrell Anderson Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-6003
Tammy Bassi Lead Custodian 530-898-5656
Gary Bonifacius Lead Locksmith 530-898-4156
Kathy Casey Information Technology Consultant 530-898-6325
Esequiel Chavez Lead Groundsworker 530-898-4039
Laura Cox Office Manager 530-898-6325
David Crosley Locksmith 530-898-4156
Charles R. Crossland Refrigeration Mechanic 530-898-3377
Denise Crosswhite Program Coordinator 530-898-3178
Anthony D'Acquisto Lead Custodian 530-898-5790
Shelly D'Acquisto Custodian 530-898-6363
Marshall Elliott Lead Custodian 530-898-3172
Lory Frakes Lead Custodian 530-898-5790
Robert S. Francis Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-6003
Natalie Gebicke Coordinator 530-898-6325
Taylor S Goings Accounting Technician 530-898-6325
Cathy C.S. Gregg Accounting Technician 530-898-6325
Jeff S Hale Associate Director 530-898-6325
Denise D. Hardy Lead Custodian 530-898-3172
Tami Henriksen Student Services Coordinator 530-898-6325
Manuela Hernandez Custodian 530-898-3172
Kelly A Holmberg Coordinator Assistant 530-898-5168
Connie Huyck Associate Director 530-898-6325
Tara Jackson Custodian 530-898-5656
Linda Kang Assistant Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-6504
Cameron W. Kelly Assistant Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-5483
Alexis B King Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-4474
Sarah B Lasnik Coordinator 530-898-6325
Scott A Layne Groundsworker 530-898-4039
Emily T Lees Assistant Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-6108
David Meichtry Custodian 530-898-5656
Mario Mena Laborer 530-898-3172
Rocky Morris Custodian 530-898-4065
Ernesto Murillo Lead Custodian 530-898-3172
Dan Murphy Refrigeration Mechanic 530-898-3173
Abeer A Mustafa Executive Director 530-898-6325
Douglas H Osby Custodian 530-898-3172
Daniel Pacheco Custodian 530-898-4065
Christine Ponce Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5722
Leon M Rendon Facilities Maintenance Mechanic 530-898-6003
Chris A Rhoda Associate Director 530-898-6325
Daniel Chris Robinson Custodian 530-898-5790
Jessie B Rosales Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-5827
Matthew C Ross Custodian 530-898-6325
Robert J Smith Assistant Director 530-898-6325
Kerry Thao Custodian 530-898-5790
Fidelina Valencia Mendoza Custodian 530-898-3172
George Watkin Painter 530-898-5354
Paul Willadsen Building Service Engineer 530-898-5354
Mark V. Williams Electrician 530-898-4615
Jenna M Wright Residence Community Coordinator 530-898-5174
Shawn Wright Custodian 530-898-5656
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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