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Music and Theatre Department (MUTA)

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Name Title Email Phone
Pete M. Austin Staff 530-898-5330
Lindsay R Brothers Staff 530-898-5012
Jacob Brown Lecturer 530-898-4056
Kimberly L Bruder Lecturer 530-898-4053
John Crosthwaite Lecturer 530-898-5152
Barbara D'Augelli Lecturer 530-898-6978
Greg D'Augelli Lecturer 530-898-6978
David Dvorin Lecturer 530-898-4848
Kathleen S Eckart Staff 530-898-5644
Carmen F Gomez Production Manager 530-898-4296
Judy Akemi Hamamoto Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5153
Joshua C Hegg Lecturer 530-898-5152
Sheree D. Henning Lecturer 530-898-3589
Erin K Horst Lecturer 530-898-4055
Bill J. Johnson Professor 530-898-4607
Dan Kinkle Lecturer 530-898-3248
Bradley E Martin Professor 530-898-4655
Michelle McConkey Associate Professor 530-898-6853
Jami D Miller Lecturer 530-898-4055
Matthew T Miller Interim Assistant Chair 530-898-5493
Clark A Minor Staff 530-898-5644
Glenna G Morgan Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-4272
Hope Munro Associate Professor 530-898-6128
Ayako Nakamura Lecturer 530-898-4655
Christopher J Navarrete Lecturer 530-898-5582
Lloyd Roby Professor 530-898-4032
Tobin Roye Lecturer 530-898-4901
Daniel Sargent Lecturer 530-898-6735
Dara L. Scholz Lecturer 530-898-6766
David M Scholz Interim Assistant Chair 530-898-6127
Natalya Shkoda Professor 530-898-4043
Gerald H. Snodgrass Staff 530-898-6155
Linda H. Snodgrass Lecturer 530-898-6226
Jeffrey A Stevens Staff 530-898-5689
Jeremy W Votava Staff 530-898-5774
Rocky R. Winslow Faculty 530-898-6986
Paul Young Faculty 530-898-3589
Megan G Zollinger Faculty 530-898-4353
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California State University, Chico
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