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Political Science and Criminal Justice Department (POLS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Mahalley Allen Chair 530-898-6506
Mahalley Allen POLS Legal Studies Coordinator 530-898-6506
Jennifer Wilking Vice Chair 530-898-5960
Cindy DeBon Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5301
Joy A Galindo Admin Support Assistant 530-898-5301
Liz Wasinger Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5301
Sally A. Anderson Legal Studies Intern Coord. 530-898-6478
Amy J Asher Faculty 530-898-5736
Maitreya Badami Faculty 530-898-4394
Ariane Belanger-Vincent Faculty 530-898-4038
Matthew C Bently Faculty 530-898-6622
Jennifer M Bettis Faculty 530-898-5335
Rebecca Britton Faculty 530-898-4966
Dane A. Cameron Faculty 530-898-4935
Michael Coyle Faculty 530-898-5692
John Crosby Faculty 530-898-3069
Teddy C. Delorenzo Faculty 530-898-4950
Diana Dwyre Political Science Coordinator 530-898-5734
Ellie L. Ertle Faculty 530-898-5736
Noelle Ferdon Faculty 530-898-5736
Angela Gapa Faculty 530-898-5140
Alan R. Gibson Faculty 530-898-4952
Darin Haerle Criminal Justice Coordinator 530-898-6154
Nathaniel Z Heggins Bryant Faculty 530-898-3843
Sue Hilderbrand Faculty 530-898-5736
Adam C Irish Faculty 530-898-6036
Brittany N Kasik Faculty 530-898-4966
Thomas J. Lando Faculty 530-898-5335
Randy G Lockwood Faculty 530-898-4512
James McKenna Faculty 530-342-3593
R. Lee McNish Faculty 530-898-5335
Meagan Meloy Faculty 530-898-4966
Anne V Moore Faculty 530-898-5335
Eileen M. Morris Faculty 530-898-4512
Emily N Peart Faculty 530-898-6086
Sherrow O. Pinder Faculty 530-898-6041
Andrew J Potter Faculty 530-898-4962
Gwen M Ricordeau Faculty 530-898-5737
Jeremiah D Sanders Faculty 530-898-4935
Craig Scarpelli Faculty 530-898-4966
Doris Schartmueller CJ Internship Coordinator 530-898-5204
Diane E. Schmidt Faculty 530-898-6176
Stephen Sherlock Faculty 530-898-4512
Nicole Marie Sherman Faculty 530-898-4965
Sarah M Smith Faculty 530-898-4951
Robert H. Stanley Faculty 530-898-4950
Katy Sylvia Faculty 530-898-4512
Matthew Thomas Professor 530-898-5738
Matthew Thomas MA Graduate Coordinator 530-898-5738
Charles C. Turner Faculty 530-898-6489
Paul Viotti Public Administration Coordinator 530-898-4964
Lori M. Weber MPA Graduate Coordinator 530-898-4504
Jennifer Wilking International Relations Coord. 530-898-5960
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California State University, Chico
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Chico, CA, 95929
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