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Passages-Adult Resource Center (PASS)

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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Name Title Email Phone
Joseph Cobery Executive Director 530-898-6758
Mary Neumann Director 530-898-5961
Crystal Oney Admin Support Assistant 530-898-6768
Carrie Alden Staff 530-898-6716
Vanessa Bautista Staff 530-898-6761
Barbara Bechtel Staff 530-898-5084
Victoria Dawn Brennan Staff 530-898-6715
Julie Ann Buck Director of Volunteer Services 530-898-4307
Allison Dale Cardwell Staff 530-898-3683
Tatiana Fassieux Staff 530-898-6717
Julie Fenske Staff 530-898-5082
Cinthya Fernandez Staff 530-898-6196
Valerie J Franklin Case Manager 530-898-4519
John D Geiger Staff 530-898-4376
JoBeth Graber Supervisor 530-898-6631
Janine Grassini Staff 530-898-5088
Ellise Hanson Staff 530-898-5020
Julie Harris Staff 530-898-6197
Mia Herrera Supervisor 530-898-3564
Donna M Humphrey Staff 530-898-4345
Camille A Iacangelo Staff 503-898-3752
Lilith M Iversen Supervisor 530-898-5086
Naomi Jerusha Jackson Case Manager 530-898-6216
Ronda Kramer Supervisor 530-898-6067
Kelly Lor Staff 530-898-6623
Margaret Ane Mcnamara Staff 530-221-1900
Anna Bertha Medina Staff 530-898-4027
Jessica F Melchor Staff 530-898-5228
Heidy Ramoncita Navarro Staff 530-898-6660
Kathryn Irene Palmer Staff 530-898-3563
Rachael E. Pendleton Staff 530-898-3445
Holly M Refnes Staff 530-898-5925
Heather Rodriguez Ortiz Staff 530-898-6716
Andrew Robert Settlemire Staff 530-898-6641
Shannon L Simmons Counselor 530-898-6191
Lindsey Smith Staff 530-898-5923
Jeanine Spilman Staff 530-898-6729
Jennifer Noelle Swyers Staff 530-898-5087
Kathrine Tilman Staff 530-898-5927
Emily J Treat Staff 530-898-6642
Amelia Hope Watkins Staff 530-898-6706
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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9-1-1 From any phone

Non-emergency Service: For University Police & UPD Escort Service

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IT Support Services:
530-898-HELP (4357)


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