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School of Nursing (NURS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Karin Lightfoot Director 530-898-5891
Peggy Rowberg Assistant Director 530-898-3493
Julie D. Garnett Advisor 530-898-3054
Stephanie A. Rorie Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5183
Candice M Sawyer Admin Support Assistant 530-898-4677
Alex W Bartel Student Assistant 530-898-5891
Brianna C Stovall Student Assistant 530-898-5891
Dawn Abel Faculty 530-898-5191
Natashya M Adams Faculty 530-898-6428
Jesse S Arnold Faculty 530-898-3290
Katie A Bedre Faculty 530-898-3484
Donna J Bell Faculty 530-898-4634
Kimberly Bruns Faculty 530-898-4742
Nelly G Camarena Faculty 530-898-4742
Marna E Carli Faculty 530-898-5891
Rebekah J. Damazo Faculty 530-898-3290
Janet Ellis Faculty 530-898-4151
Danielle R Farris Faculty 530-898-3484
Sherry D. Fox Faculty 530-898-3290
Stacey Graham Faculty 530-898-5191
Kathleen J. Harris Faculty 530-898-3484
Mary Elaine Hatcher Faculty 530-898-3484
Paul C Herman Faculty 530-898-4638
Darcy J. Hostetter-Lewis Faculty 530-898-5191
Carol L. Huston Faculty 530-898-3493
Amrit Kajla Faculty 530-515-3165
Helen Karpilovsky Faculty 530-898-5225
Stacey J. Kelly Faculty 530-898-6458
Gayle Kipnis Faculty 530-898-5618
Gema A. Knipe Faculty 530-898-4422
Holly T. Kralj Faculty 530-898-3165
Cecily LeFevre Faculty 530-898-5891
Mary K Lowe Faculty 530-898-3290
Cecelia J Madison Faculty 530-898-4634
Fay Mitchell-Brown Faculty 530-898-6368
Irene S. Morgan Faculty 530-898-6207
Ennies Musvosvi Faculty 530-898-3165
Tracy G Nord Faculty 530-898-4742
Regina M. Ottem Faculty 530-898-3165
Deanna B. Persaud Faculty 530-898-4742
Carl C Pittman Faculty 530-898-4589
Gwin Richter Faculty 530-898-3484
Phyllis G. Salopek Faculty 530-898-3492
Michelle D Sanders Faculty 530-898-6428
Jean J. Shackelford Faculty 530-898-6458
Miriam Walter Faculty 530-898-5378
Tracy A Weeber Faculty 530-898-3290
Paul J Weingartner Faculty 530-898-4742
Janice A Winfrey Faculty 530-898-4742
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