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Research Foundation (FD)

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Name Title Email Phone
Jessica Bourne Executive Director 530-898-6467
Russell A Wittmeier Human Resources Director 530-898-5731
Amanda L Bullock Assistant Financial Director 530-898-6362
Shelby R Angus HR Technician 530-898-6034
Jon L. Aull Ecological Reserves Research and Education Coordinator 530-898-5010
Joshua R Bullock Special Projects Coordinator 530-898-6811
James Edward Forberg Project Manager 530-898-6399
Marsail Ford Business Systems Analyst 530-898-5606
Eli Goodsell Manager, Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserves 530-898-5014
Kevin Hansen Accounting Supervisor 530-898-5245
Sheri Ann Hansen Payroll Coordinator 530-898-4160
Laura V Haskill Endowment Accountant 530-898-3388
Kathy N Kinsey HR Technician 530-898-3348
Linda K Littles Accounting Technician 530-898-3371
Karen Ann McHenry Human Resources Assistant 530-898-4909
Jennifer Morgan Executive Assistant/Accounting Technician 530-898-5101
Dawn R Muhlbaier Account Specialist 530-898-3370
Nicholas C Murray Accounting Technician 530-898-6921
Gloria Quintero Accounting Supervisor 530-898-3386
Carina Marie Santoya Accounting Technician 530-898-3387
Coleen B. Stewart Human Resources Coordinator 530-898-4526
Jody Strong Benefits Coordinator 530-898-3389
David L Teeter Facilities Specialist 530-898-6811
Mikayla Teeter Accounting Technician 530-898-6720
Kohner A Vugrenes Field Coordinator 530-342-1371
Wayne Everett Wittmeier Facilities Coordinator 530-961-3075
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California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA, 95929
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