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Communication Arts and Sciences Department (CMAS)

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Name Title Email Phone
Peggy S. Armocido Admin Support Coordinator 530-898-5751
Jennifer Abouzeid Faculty 530-898-4257
Anita Anderson Faculty 530-898-4277
Erika R Anderson Faculty 530-898-6615
Susan Avanzino Chair 530-898-5751
Susan Avanzino Faculty 530-898-6850
Amanda J Barrow Faculty 530-898-6825
Jennifer Brundidge Graduate Coordinator 530-898-3048
Nicholas R Burk Faculty 530-898-4772
Brett A Butler Faculty 530-898-6615
Kelley N Cammorata Faculty 530-898-4091
Young Cheon Cho Faculty 530-898-3049
Jessica Eggen Faculty 530-898-5304
Mark G Faaita Jr Faculty 530-898-4629
Kendall A Gaumann Faculty 530-898-4091
Guy J Gautreau Faculty 530-898-6615
Michelle Givertz Faculty 530-898-6052
Tom Grothe Faculty 530-898-4257
Stephanie Hamel Faculty 530-898-4478
Dana Hein Faculty 530-898-4652
Patrick Hull Faculty 530-898-6825
Zach Justus Faculty 530-898-6158
Ritesh Kanji Faculty 530-898-4652
Chaz Kelley Faculty 530-898-6592
Paula Kokal Faculty 530-898-5902
Amy Lance Faculty 530-898-5421
Jessika Lawrence Clinical Director 530-898-4286
Nan Li Intern Coordinator 530-898-3051
Jennifer A Malkowski Faculty 530-898-5883
Kenyan L Martin Faculty 530-898-5902
Analia Martinez Faculty 530-898-5304
Millie Mattor Faculty 530-898-4142
David McCoy Faculty 530-898-6394
Jackie McMillan Staff 530-898-4379
Nicole Meyer Faculty 530-898-5902
Suzanne B. Miller Program Director 530-898-5949
Jolene D Moore Faculty 530-898-4091
Tia Newby Faculty 530-898-4142
Angela Ohland Faculty 530-898-4257
Kristen N Paul Faculty 530-898-6615
Sue Peterson Faculty 530-898-4771
Shelly Presnell Faculty 530-898-6592
Casi Ragsdale Faculty 530-898-4652
Amy Simmons Faculty 530-898-6590
Erin Smyser Faculty 530-898-6590
Susan Steffani Faculty 530-898-6838
Michael Trujillo Faculty 530-898-4629
Shelley Von Berg Faculty 530-898-4517
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